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Four Seasons Hotel Seoul introduces its new late-night bar concept OUL

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul introduces its new late-night bar concept OUL

On March 23, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul will introduce its new late-night bar concept, OUL. With 70 seats after the rebranding of Boccalino Wine Bar, OUL is described as "mixology of mainstream culture", and its name is derived from the English spelling of Seoul – and pronounced "owl" in tribute to its night-owl clientele.


Alejandro BERNABÉ, the Hotel’s General Manager commented, “The idea behind OUL is to create a hip hotspot for everyone, from local staycationers to Gwanghwamun office workers. It’s our homage to the ever-changing identity of after-hours Seoul; an artful exploration of the traditional, turn of the century, and today & beyond eras that have shaped the night scene of the city we love today.”


Conceptualising, crafting and serving each unique creation with his signature verve is Keith Motsi, Head Bartender of the Hotel’s secret speakeasy bar, Charles H., alongside Senior Bartender Seungjeong Ike Ryu. Between them, the creative pair will share a mix of Korean specialities and seasonal drinks that reflect each era of the city’s drinking culture.


Turn of the Century Gyeongseong-era sophistication comes courtesy of tantalising twists on the traditional, including classic sujeonggwa cinnamon punch, enlivened with apple cider, crystallized fruits, roasted cinnamon cordial, aroma bitters, and barrel-aged soju.


Flavoursome and future-minded Today and Beyond Seoul-inspired cocktails include Kimchi Highball, which surprises with green chili soju, kimchi salt, and kimchi jus. Small-batch sodas from local producer On a Lark include three equally innovative flavours: ginger and rose, lemon and lavender, and omija (five-flavour berry). You can also find street food-inspired plates that include lobster tteokbokkibada ramyeon with seaweed and squid, and dak-twigim – Korean fried chicken with chili sauce and chipotle mayonnaise.



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