HEF group invests in Gyeoungju

Another industrial bond between France and Korea! On April 11th, the city of Gyeongju signed a memorandum of understanding with the french company HEF Group, for the establishment of its local unit TS Gyeongju. FKCCI was glad to participate to the signing ceremony in Seoul between Gyeongju Mayor Joo Nak-young and Fabrice Frost, chairman of HEF Group.

HEF Group, a French global leader in surface processing technology, will invest KRW 34 billion for five years from 2019 to 2023 to build a plant near the city. The company plans to contribute to the creation of 50 jobs for young professionals.
Mayor Joo Nak Young, announced “Gyeongju will become the central city of the future automotive industry, overcoming the current economic crisis by attracting investment in automotive-related industries."


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