Jung-Hun Mécénat expose dix artistes récompensés à Paris



Exhibition Beautiful Bridge 3in Paris


Since its establishment in Paris in 2003, Association Jung-Hun Mécénat has selected through concours 10 honorees of promising young artists and has given honorees private expositions in Paris.  In 2009 and 2015, two expositions respectively were held at Seoul Arts Center, with spirit of beautiful bridges for artists and society.  The Association will now hold a joint exposition of 10 honorees in Paris to bring the honorees' continuous creative endeavors to the attention of the Paris art community.


 1. Jung-Hun Mécénat 


* Founding date: 2003/12/08


President: SUH, Minsok

   (Chairman& CEO of Dong-il corporation/ President og Jung-Hun Foundation)


Activity: Competition "Young Artists Award" and Support for artists under 35 years old.


2. Exhibition Info

 * Title: “Beautiful Bridge 3”- Jung-Hun Mécénat Exhibition of 10 honorees

 * Artists: JI Yeonlee, Kim Myoung-Kyu, Jang Hyuk-Dong, Hwang Jong-Myung, Hong Il-Hwa,

       CHO Jun-Ho, CHERIEZ Anne, Marion HARDUIN, Alice Mauchamp, HOH Woojung

 * Period: February 12 (Mon.) - 23 (Fri.) 2018 (12 days)

 * Opening reception: February 14 (Wed.) 18:00~21:00

 * Venue: Cité Internationale des Arts



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