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LBI launches its new program in 2021: Art of Storytelling

LBI 2021 New program : Art of Storytelling

The Luxury Business Institute (LBI) in Korea is launching a new training program to coach brands to do storytelling.


Many brands often overlook their heritage and attractive story points and try to find the answers from elsewhere. Brand employees, without fully understanding or appreciating such stories, will likely feel uncomfortable and eventually resist further on storytelling. In order to create a long-standing culture with successful storytelling, it is essential to develop an eye for discovering relevant contents, learn the know-how to construct them into meaningful stories, and have emotional communication skills.

The purpose of LBI – Art of Storytelling aims to provide the method to truly understand the brand and craft stories that inspire the employees to become passionate about the brand, and deliver the stories wholeheartedly to customers and engage in effective communication that touches the heart of the customers and enhance business performance.

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  • Part 1: Contemporary Art vs Story
  • Part 2: The Functions and Needs of Storytelling
  • Part 3: The Structure and Principles of Storytelling
  • Part 4: Storytelling Practice
  • Part 5: Upselling & Cross-selling Role-play

Course Objectives

  • Develop long-term storytelling techniques by thoroughly learning the structure and elements of a good story.
  • Learn communication skills on how to adjust the level and length of the story based on the needs of customers.


  • Make use of effective storytelling about the brand and the products by acquiring the know-hows to find and compose stories.
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand desirability by communicating with sincere and authentic stories about the brand.
  • Contribute to sales increase by applying effective storytelling that engages with customer's both rational and emotional states of the mind.

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