LBI Luxury Management Program – Aesthetic Exploration




Luxury Business Institute(LBI) is launching the Luxury Management Program – Aesthetic Exploration. Aesthetics matter in the luxury business because the financial value of brand is largely based on their ability to deliver aesthetic value. Aesthetics cannot be outsourced; it has to start with the leader and within the company.


LBI provides multiple perspectives on ‘beauty and aesthetic pleasure’ by inviting well-known experts from the various fields like arts, product design, commercial space design, Korean traditional crafts and photography… This special program will enhance your ability to appraise business through the aesthetic senses. Also, it will help you to fine-tune the judgement needed to balance economic and creative interests.


-       Develop your aesthetic dimension to find new creative perspectives!

-       Understand the evolution of the luxury industry to adapt your branding strategy!

-       Benchmark the universe of arts and design to enrich the uniqueness and authenticity of your brand environment!


The Aesthetic Exploration program is composed of nine insightful lectures.


1. May 8th (Tue): Global Luxury Business Review

Dr. Sylvia HUR / LBI

Understand the evolution of luxury business and identify the triggers initiating pleasure & desirability in the digital era


2. May 10th (Thu): Aesthetics in the Commercial Product Design


Apprehend the value of design that makes the world beautiful


3. May 15th (Tue): Aesthetic Odyssey

Prof. Joong-Gwon JIN / Dongyang University

Identify the value of ‘aesthetics’ from ancient times to the present and the evolving value of aesthetics in the digital era


4. May 17th (Thu): Urban Aesthetics in the Commercial Space

Mr. Chiho KIM / CHIHO & Partners

Create innovative commercial environment through modern and urbanization design techniques


5. May 24th (Thu): Korea Furniture Museum

Discover the authentic beauty of Korea and its cultural heritage through a unique time travel experience


6. May 29th (Tue): Timeless Art, Jewelry

Ms. SoJung PARK/ Trinity Gallery

Explore the fine art and jewelry world with curatorial storytelling


7. May 31st (Thu): Luxury Branding Strategy

Dr. Sylvia HUR / LBI

Understand and review the luxury brand strategy: “Ordinary of extraordinary People and Extraordinary of ordinary people”


8. June 5th (Tue): The Power of Mismatch

Mr. Youngho KANG / Photographer

Boost imagination on storytelling through the power of mismatch


9. June 7th (Thu): Beauty in the Korean Traditional Crafts

Mr. Kisang CHO / Fenomeno Co.,

Analysis the aesthetics and harmony of the Korean traditional crafts and apply it to the new era of luxury


Duration: May 8 (Tue) ~ June 12 (Tue) 2018

Time: from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday

Location: Luxury Business Institute (4Fl. Baegang Bldg. 801 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Number of participants: 30

Fees: 1,500,000 KRW







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