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Lyreco Korea steps up in the post Covid-19 era with new services

Lyreco Korea steps up in the post Covid-19 era with new services

Survey of new working conditions

To adapt its services to the changing needs of companies regarding their office management, the global office supplies company, Lyreco Korea, conducted a survey towards 3,000 customers regarding the recent Covid-19 situation.

Indeed, recent research said that the global pandemic will change the working environment regarding personal safety and hygiene in the office.

Almost 50% of respondents said that the pandemic had impact like sales decrease. The others reported a positive impact, in industries such as IT/telecommunication, healthcare and social welfare.

But 95% of respondents said they already were back to work despite the dangers of Covid-19 and are trying to adopt new company standards in the office to adapt to the situation. 64% of respondents are facing direct changes in the working environment due to Covid-19.

Main company standards are related to internal communication regarding personal hygiene, provision of hand sanitizers and masks, limitation of large meetings and gatherings, and encouragement to do home office when possible.

The company said that “after Covid-19, the flexibility of working environment is becoming the ‘new norm’ and personal hygiene in the work place will be part of companies’ welfare for their staffs.”


New services launched by Lyreco Korea

To enhance wellbeing in these new working conditions, the company launched ‘Lyreco Lounge Service’ to support canteen total care and management.


The newly launched service is an A to Z of office canteen management. It includes office coffee rental solution and snack curation service. It offers also various options to customers depending on their needs: ‘Basic pack’, ‘Summer pack’, ‘Healthy pack’, and ‘Meal kit pack’. The ‘Basic pack’ is collection of essential canteen products. The ‘Summer pack’ is an ice-creams package suited for the summer season and industries with outdoor employees. The ‘Healthy pack’ is for customer who cares about their employees’ health, including fruits, healthy beverages or snacks like energy bar. Finally, the ‘Meal kit pack’ is for company who wants to provide simple ready meals.

The company said “after launching new service, there has been a lot of counseling inquiries. We will keep analysis market and customer needs to upgrade our Lyreco Lounge Service.”


About Lyreco

Lyreco is a worldwide distributor of office supplies and workplace products, founded in 1926 by Georges-Gaston Gaspard in the Valenciennes area of France. The company focused its development on the French territory during the 1970s. The Lyreco Group structure is now active in 45 countries on five continents. The current slogan of Lyreco is "Always at your side to make your life at work easy".


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