Modern art icon Leandro Erlich’s exhibition < Bâtiment > opens at Nodeul Island for the first time in Korea

Modern art icon Leandro Erlich’s < Bâtiment > exhibition opens at Nodeul Island for the first time in Korea

From July 29 to December 28, the exhibition <Bâtiment> by Leandro Erlich, will run at Nodeul Island, Seoul, for the first time ever.

‘Bâtiment’, which means 'building' in French, is an immersive installation artwork that engages public participation, by inviting the audience to recreate spaces with urban life elements. Through the façade that reproduces a real building and a supersized mirror, the audience can have a surreal visual experience, as if they were hanging on a four-story building against gravity. After being released in Paris in 2004, ‘Bâtiment’ has been popular across the world by touring big cities such as London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Shanghai. In particular, the editions held in Tokyo in 2017 and Beijing in 2019 attracted more than 4,500 people on average per day.

At the exhibition, the public will be able to discover various installation, video, and photography works providing synesthetic experiences through everyday materials, such as 'Classroom (2017)', which reflects on the reality of today's society and offers the experience of reminiscing about the past, and 'Lost Garden (2009), that transcends architectural limits and faces the depth of infinite space in a garden with a closed structure.

“’Bâtiment’ presents a special stage where anyone can complete their work as an actor. We look forward to seeing the new sides of ‘Bâtiment’ that Korean visitors will create in their own ways.”, declared Leandro Ehrlich, when he visited Korea for this exhibition.

Leandro Erlich, internationally exhibited artist from Argentina considered an icon of contemporary art, has specialized in evoking new imagination in everyday spaces, like swimming pools and gardens, by utilizing visual effects such as mirrors, glass, and screens. Starting with the Whitney Biennale in New York in 1999, he has been recognized for his work and popularity through numerous international biennales and exhibitions held in major cities around the world.

The <Bâtiment> exhibition in Seoul is hosted by Ms. Jackson, a production agency leading the popularization of the immersive genre that offers new artistic experiences, that already held <BEYOND THE ROAD> last year. The exhibition will be open at the Nodeulseom Complex Cultural Space in Seoul until December 28th. Ticket reservations can be made through Interpark, Naver Reservation, or 29CM.


[Useful information]

• Exhibition: Bâtiment

• Artist: Leandro Erlich

• Hosted by: Ms. Jackson

• Venue: Nodeulseom Complex Cultural Space

• Exhibition period: July 29 - December 28, 2022

• Reservations: Interpark, Naver Reservation, 29CM


[About Ms. Jackson]

Ms. Jackson is an immersive content production company that develops innovative content crossing multiple genres, such as exhibitions, performances, videos, and games, via online and offline platforms. Having exclusive partnerships with ARight/Left Projects, Punchdrunk, an innovative creative group that produced the world's first/largest immersive performance 'Sleep No More' which was a long-term success in New York and Shanghai, and world-class media art design house 59 Productions, Ms. Jackson hosted the world's first 360-degree multi-sensor immersive exhibition 'Beyond the Road' at the Hyundai Seoul in 2021, which presents a new paradigm in the entertainment industry.



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