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Night of Korea, Jeonju Night Walk “Heritage night &Heritage story” On Aug.12th and Sept. 30th


Jeonju is the most Korean traditional city which welcomes over 10 million of tourists a year. Also it boastsit’s a thousand-year history, and you can easily enjoy Korean traditional culture through lots of historic buildings, artifacts, and variety of delicious foods. Especially, when you visit in “Hanok Village” and JeonjuBusung(castle)”, you can feel nostalgia of two kingdoms, Hubaekje Kingdom and Joseon Dynasty. You can find out how Korean nobleman and ordinary people lived at that time.

In Hanok Village, they provide various programs which you experience Korean culture, and they also give you opportunity to enjoy street food market which has a tremendous number of Jeonju’s traditional foods.

Moreover, a night of Hanok Village is wonderful. Moonlights is clinging on the rooftop of hundreds of Hanok. And its reflection on Jeonju-chun(river) makes a night in Jeonju more sentimental. Jeonju Night Walk is not just sightseeing or walking around the city. It is the chance to see the beauty of Korean cultural heritages with beautiful night view, and to know how it is important. You’d better grab this opportunity of watching outdoor special performance, movies, and touring along famous Korean cultural heritages. It is all free during the event.

Joseon Dynasty in Hanok Village

Gyunggijeon–It is the historic site which holds the portrait of King Tae-jo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty. Its night view is very quiet. You can feel majesty of King Tae-jo and also sorrow of the last Joseon imperial family. Lots of old ginkgo trees, neat and simple buildings show solemnity.

Omokdae – when you pass Gyunggijeon and little further up to the hill, you can find a summerhouse called Omokdae. It is very popular cultural heritage which established by King Tae-jo to celebrate his victory over Japanese invaders. It is famous place to see the night view of Hanok Village

Hanbyukroo – it is another summerhouse in Hanok Village. You can watch Jeonju-chun which pass right next to Hanok Village. It is built on the top of cliff so that it gives you another sides of night view of Hanok Village.

Outdoor Performance near historic buildings

Jeondong Church “CheonsangJieum” – It was the film site of the movie, “Promise.” It is famous for one of the most beautiful catholic church in Korea. So, many people visit here all day and night. During the event, “Jeonju Night Walk”, you can enjoy Gregorian chants and other Catholic music in the old beautiful church.

JeonjuHyanggyo “Night of Sanjo” – Sanjo is Korean jazz style solo music. The best performer will play the music at JeonjuHyanggyo which was the Korean traditional school established in Joseon Dynasty. With more than 500-year lived ginko trees and sorrowfulness of the music, you can experience the special night of Jeonju.

Jeonju-chun “Salpuri on Korean canoe” – Jeonju-chun is the main river in Jeonju city. Wild animal like otter and swan stop by the river and rest. Korean traditional dance performance will be held on Korean style canoe. You can enjoy the collaboration between nature and art.

Another outdoor activities in Jeonju Night Walk

Nambu traditional market “Protect the portrait of King Tae-jo!”- Next to Hanok Village, there is the most famous Korean traditional market called Nambu market. During “Jeonju Night Walk”, we present special program which visitors could play the game. Players either choose the side whether they can protect the portrait or they can steal it.

Near Jeonju-chun “Daldalsulae” – JeonjuHanok Village is also famous for “Hanbok”, Korean traditional clothes. Visitors could try colorful and splendid Hanbok, and enjoy experience of the night in Hanok Village. Moreover, you can watch or participate Korean traditional dance, “Ganggangsulae”

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