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NH Nonghyup Card Signs MOU with Biosmart & Thales to expand ESG management

CEO Yoon Sang-woon of NH Nonghyup Card, CEO Yun Ho-kwon of BioSmart, Country Director of Thales Korea, Sandy Gillio

On June 30, NH Nonghyup Card (CEO Yoon Sang-woon) announced that it had signed an MOU for 'eco-friendly card material activation' with Biosmart (CEO Yun Ho-kwon) and Thales (Country Director of Thales Korea, Sandy Gillio), as part of its efforts to strengthen ESG management.

With this MOU, NH Nonghyup Card will participate in the carbon neutrality drive pursued by NH Nonghyup, by gradually converting the NH Nonghyup credit & check cards made of typical plastic materials to eco-friendly plates.

NH Nonghyup Card will introduce Thales’ ‘Ocean Plastic,’ which is made from recycled marine plastics discarded in the sea, and Biosmart’s ‘Enviro’ materials, made from recycled general living and industrial plastic waste, a first in Korea, to manufacture card plates.

This newly-introduced recycled plastic card is a publicly certified recycled plate obtained through strict certification by international brands such as VISA and Mastercard, and is a low-carbon and eco-friendly product that replaces approximately 70% of the general plastic used in card production and reduces the carbon generated by more than 25%.

A spokesperson for NH Nonghyup Card commented: “Starting with the introduction of eco-friendly materials, we will continue to carry out ESG management activities at customer contact points in order to fulfill our social responsibilities and roles in the future.”


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