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Our Directory 2020-2021 is out!

FKCCI directory 2020-2021 is out with everything you need to know about the business community between France and Korea!

As a trilingual publication - French, Korean and English - the FKCCI directory brings together all the information on the activities and contacts of the companies and institutions that are members of the Chamber (more than 380), as well as its larger ecosystem in the economic and cultural sectors: associations in France and Korea, local and national institutions, the Chambers of Commerce ecosystem, and much more!

Find there French companies established in Korea, as well as many Korean companies whose activities are linked to the French market in all sectors of activities: large groups, joint ventures, entrepreneurs, restaurants, start-ups, individuals, etc.

New members are regularly updated in our Corée Affaires magazine and our newsletter throughout the year.

Order here (70,000 KRW - 50% off for students!) your essential guide to succeed in South Korea or France!

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