Re-entry permit for foreign residents in Korea & exceptions for business trips

Re-entry permit for foreign residents in Korea & exceptions for business trips

General Application Procedure


The Korean Ministry of Justice (MOJ) implemented new regulations effective from June 1st, requiring foreign residents in Korea to apply for a re-entry permit through their local immigration office or online before leaving Korea (excluding A-1, A-2, A-3, and F-4 visas holders)

Re-entry permit application procedure


All inbound travelers are required to undergo a two weeks long self-quarantine upon entry in Korea and submit a negative PCR test as well as a medial examination taken within 72 hours prior to entry.

More info on Quarantine CONDITIONS

N.B: A medical certificate is, in principle, valid when written in Korean or English. Yet, a medical certificate written in local languages is acceptable under exceptional circumstances if submitted with a full English or Korean translation and a ‘Certificate of Translation' (see Attachment). Notarization for the translation is not required. Those seeking re-entry should have a diagnosis document issued within 2 days (excluding holidays) from the date scheduled to leave for Korea (yet, within 3 days is acceptable under exceptional circumstances)


Exemptions for business trips (no longer granted as of December 2020)


Quarantines exemptions are no longer granted since the 3rd wave of Covid-19 and the implementation of level 2.5 social distancing early December


Previously in June, the MOJ updated the rules for the medical examination required for foreign residents prior to re-entry. 

  • Persons who travel on official purpose (business/investment, press, academic/research) for less than 3 weeks are exempted from undergoing medical examination upon application. The traveler needs to apply for the waiver from the Immigration Office in advance, prior to leaving Korea (see Attachment).
  • Family members accompanying the persons traveling on official purpose (business/investment, press, academic/research) for less than 3 weeks, upon submitting a letter of explanation and a proof of family relationship if required, are now exempted from submitting a medical certificate.

Exemptions of quarantine for inbound travelers entering in Korea for business purposes can also be granted upon application to the relevant Korean authorities and examination of the particular case. The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce can assist you in the process. You can submit your request in the contact form below.

Additionally, Korea is also starting to introduce a "fast-track" entry programs for essential trips by business people and others, in exception of aforementionned coronavirus entry restrictions. The country signed on Wednesday 19th August an agreement with Singapore to implement a fast track program, following other agreements with China, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. South Korea has been pushing to create such streamlined entry programs with other countries, stressing that essential business trips should be allowed to mitigate the fallout of the pandemic and spur the world's economic recovery. 





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