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Renault Korea Motors promotes the local ecosystem for future auto industry in Busan

Renault Korea will set up R&D center in Busan
  • Renault Korea Motors, Busan Metropolitan City, and related institutions signed a MOU to form a public-industry-academia partnership for the industrial innovation in Busan
  • An eco-cluster center will be built at Renault Korea Motor's Busan plant which will contribute to the successful transition into the future eco-friendly vehicle industry in Busan


Renault Korea Motors (hereinafter “Renault Korea”) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Autoparts Industries Cooperative Association (BAICA), The South East Alliance of the Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation and Busan Techno Park at the Eurasia Platform in Busan Station to build an ecosystem for the future automotive industry in Busan.

The MOU, signed by Renault Korea CEO Stéphane Deblaise, Mayor of Busan Park Heong-joon, Busan Techno Park President Kim Hyung-gyun, and relevant stakeholders, was designed to promote the establishment of the Busan Eco-Cluster Center at Renault Korea's Busan plant and collaboration to create an ecosystem of public-private-academia.

The MOU also outlines the respective roles of Renault Korea, the city of Busan and related organizations in implementing the details.


  • Renault Korea will establish a facility "Eco-Cluster Center" at its Busan plant and actively carry out collaborative projects with local universities, research institutes and automobile parts companies to promote regional coexistence and to recruit local talent.
  • Busan city will strive to foster the future automotive industry, including administrative support to nurture industrial talents and expand related research and development.
  • BAICA strives to build a collaborative complex for the creation of ecosystem for the future car industry and to supply parts smoothly
  • The South East Alliance of the Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation, which is an association of heads of industry-academia cooperation centers at universities in the area, will newly introduce customized education courses and support smooth human resource acquisition in the future auto industry through cooperative programs.
  • Busan Techno Park will establish a foundation for cooperation between industry, academia and research institute in the future mobility industry through the operation of the Eco Cluster Center.


This MOU is significant in that it is a concrete agreement to build an ecosystem for the strategic industry of future cars and make joint efforts to create jobs, which Renault Korea and Busan announced in September 2021. Since then, Renault Korea and Busan city have been in close consultation with relevant organizations to implement their joint efforts.

"This MOU represents a great example where public, industry and academia sectors collaborate to build an ecosystem for the future auto industry in the local economy" said Stéphane Deblaise, CEO of Renault Korea. "The Eco Cluster Center, together with local automobile parts companies, will contribute to the successful industrial transition into future eco-friendly mobility in Busan. In addition, as a follow up, we look forward to seeing how the government will continue to support the green car industry."

Deblaise added, "As a representative company of Busan city, Renault Korea is actively promoting the bid for the World Expo 2030 Busan and will continue to take a leading role in the innovation and development of Busan's automotive industry."

As a first step in its future eco-friendly project, Renault Korea is currently working on the development and production of a new hybrid mid-size SUV scheduled for launch in 2024.


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