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Second Meeting of FKCCI Healthcare Working Group


On April 27th, 2020, the FKCCI organized the second session of its healthcare working group composed of FKCCI representatives, as well as experts and representatives of vaccine institutes, healthcare companies, transport companies and the French Embassy.  

Participants  highlighted that Korean daily life is almost back to normal, but people are still careful, as caution is needed to prevent a second wave of virus spread. Out of the 10,991 cases discovered in Korea, more than 80% are cured. The companies are also almost getting back to business-as-usual rhythm, although they still encounter issues such as supply chain low operation rate. Finding cargo flight is increasingly difficult despite airlines revamped most of their passenger airplanes to cargo planes. The price went up 5 to 10 times depending on the route and is subject to competition as the highest bidder has priority. As of April 27th, operation of flights at Charles de Gaulle airport was reduced by 95%.


Platform of medical and sanitary equipment

Two weeks ago, the FKCCI put in place a pro-bono platform with the help of its members to connect French economic and institutional actors with Korean suppliers of medical and sanitary devices. The FKCCI received so far more than thirty requests from companies as well as local authorities to order several products such as masks, Covid-19 test kits and hydroalcoholic gels. Morea than 10,000 masks were sent to SMEs so far to help them operate.

Regarding the surgical and FFP2 masks, the authorities forbid their exportation but Korean suppliers are negotiating to lift the ban. Exceptions of are however granted when masks are supplied for humanitarian reasons between governments.  

The advantage of getting through the FKCCI for the supply of equipment is its check-up for reliable partners and quality products. Since the crisis ramped up globally, we have witnessed an increasing number of scams (a warning was issued by DGSE in France) and opportunism by brokers. Issues of liability of Chinese products have also been encountered. But Korean suppliers, which produce surgical and FFP2 masks in China, are guaranteeing the products with Korean standards of quality.

Fill in the following form on FKCCI web page to submit your request (in FR and KR).


Relaxation of Social Distancing in Korea

Korean officials announced the relaxation of social distancing measures from May 6th. These restrictions were previously imposed on churches, gyms, schools and entertainment facilities such as bars, however, recent virus outbreak in Itaewon (more than 100 cases) incites the authorities to be still cautious on a possibility of outbreak of a second wave. Accordingly, a government poll showed that a majority of respondents were favorable to a progressive relaxation, as a sudden easing can spur hidden outbreaks. More than 63 percent were against an immediate easing of social distancing.




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