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The Choose France Summit announces record-high foreign investments in France in 2023, among which Korean projects

The Choose France Summit announces record-high foreign investments in France in 2023, among which Korean projects

On May 15th, the Choose France Summit 2023 unveiled France should receive €13 Bn of foreign investments in 2023, some of which from South Korea.

France’s international attractiveness continues to grow!

After the Ministry of Economics announced last February the country had attracted a record number of foreign investments in 2022, totalizing 1,725 projects (+7% YoY) and allowing the creation or the maintenance of more than 58,810 jobs on the territory, the Choose France Summit 2023, held on May 15th in Versailles, confirmed this very positive momentum.

This 6th edition of France’s annual international-investment focused meeting welcomed more than 200 CEOs of major companies, among which Mr. Na Kyung-Soo, president of SK Geo centric, a major Korean chemical specialist that recently built a plastic recycling plant in the Grand-Est region. In front of this handpicked audience, President Macron and its administration unveiled that foreign businesses plan on injecting 13 billion euros in France in 2023 – an all-time high and a steep increase from 2022 and 2021’s 10.6 and 3.6 billion euros.

With more than 130 years of diplomatic relations, and business ties dating back to the 1960s, Korea, one of France’s key economic partners, was at the origin of one of the 28 projects announced during the summit: the planned expansion of agri-food specialist SIAS’s activities in the Hexagon, through the recruitment of 70 workers for its new factory in Wisches (Grand-Est). A logical continuation for the Peninsula, which was already one of France’s most important investors in 2022, with 11 large-scale projects from which 203 new jobs ensued.


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