The Veolia Solution for Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important part of maintaining competitiveness for the manufacturing industry and building.

Increased awareness of environmental factors, such as reducing carbon emissions, and fluctuating fuel costs are driving a sharper focus on energy consumption.

As an energy specialist, Veolia works with industrial  companies and building owners to analyse energy consumption, production processes and energy infrastructure to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Veolia’s Hubgrade energy monitoring centers allow us to prepare regular reports highlighting opportunities to save energy and reduce energy costs.

The Veolia Solution for Decarbonization

Veolia launches “GreenPath Zero Carbon” offer to help its clients accelerate their decarbonization.

Veolia, the world champion of ecological transformation, is launching an unprecedented global offer to help its municipal, tertiary and industrial customers build and implement their decarbonization roadmaps and adapt their business models to current and future climate challenges. The offer provides solutions to directly contribute to the achievement of the European Union’s climate targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

"While almost all economic and social players are committed to achieving carbon neutrality, Veolia is supporting them in this process with appropriate industrial ecology solutions. The GreenPath offer is the best of our international expertise at three businesses in water, waste and energy, which enables us to build decarbonization roadmaps with our clients to help them transform their business models in a sustainable way. Our job and our responsibility as the ecology of solutions ecology leader is to provide the solutions needed for our clients' decarbonization, de-pollution, resource saving and regeneration trajectories." commented Hervé PENEAU, Veolia Korea's CEO & Rep. Director.

------ With GreenPath Zero Carbon, Veolia is acting on the entire decarbonization value chain, for a sustainable model.

It comprises a portfolio of 100 solutions identified in Veolia’s areas of expertise in water, waste and energy, of which 80% are existing (such as energy efficiency, fuel-switching, etc.) and 20% are innovative (CCUS, green hydrogen, etc.). The offering is based on the GreenPath Digital Platform, which allows customers to measure their overall environmental performance using tools to inventory emissions, water footprint and biodiversity and select appropriate long-term technical solutions.


For more information on Veolia's solutions, please visit Veolia Korea's website ( or send an e-mail to gilles.hild(@) or sangju.lee(@)


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