[UPDATE] COVID-19 tests for Foreigners working in Seoul Metropolitan Area and Gyeonggi Province

Revision has been released on the administrative ordinance for all foreign workers in Seoul and Incheon to get a COVID-19 test until March 31

Seoul Metropolitan Government released a revised version of its administrative ordinance announced on March 17th requiring all foreign workers in Seoul Metropolitan City to get a COVID-19 test this month.

Changes are as follow:

  • The ordinance provides that tests are now "recommended" and not mandatory anymore.
  • The "recommendation" concerns only workplaces with high-risk of COVID-19 infections and employing at least 1 foreign worker ; recommendation is extended to Korean nationals working in such high-risk workplace 

This positive change is the result of fruitful discussions between FKCCI, together with other foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea, and the Korean authorities, which heard concerns of foreign business communities voiced through our actions. We wish to thank again the Foreign Investment Ombudsman in Korea, Dr. Kim Sung Jin, for his help that has contributed to correct these sudden discriminatory measures against foreign business communities.

Find the original document here and on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website,

Incheon Metropolitan Government also released a revised version of its ordinance: find it here on the Incheon Metropolitan Government website.

No Changes are reported for Gyeonggi Province.





Foreigners residing or working in Seoul Metropolitan Area

Based on the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, the Seoul Metropolitan government issued on March 17th an administrative order to abide employers employing one or more foreign workers in a place located in Seoul to take measures in order that their foreign employees receive a COVID-19 diagnosis test until March 31st. Foreign workers (including non-registered foreigners) should receive COVID-19 diagnosis test without delay. The tests are free of charge in any temporary COVID-19 testing centers.

Only foreigners that underwent a test already after March 1st, or foreigners with diplomatic visas, are not compelled by the order. Families, and Korean colleagues of the persons concerned are also not obligated to abide by the rule.

Any employer or employee failing to abide to aforementioned rules are subject to penalties by to 2 million KRW.

Foreigners residing or working in Gyeonggi Province 

The Gyeonggi Province issued on March 8th an administrative order abiding for the same rules. The deadline to get tested in until March 22nd, and penalties amount up to KRW 3 million in this case. In the case of Incheon city the deadline is until March 24th.

  • Download the official text here (KR) 


Foreigners residing or working in Incheon Metropolitan area

The Incheon Metropolitan government issued on March 10th an administrative order abiding for the same rules. The deadline to get tested in until March 24th

  • Download the official text here (KR) 


Don't hesitate to contact welcome(@) if you require any assistance related to COVID-19 sanitary measures in Korea.




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