[UPDATE - COVID-19] Your Guide for Re-Entry of French residents in Korea

[COVID-19] The Ultimate Guide for Re-Entry of French residents in Korea - French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Do you wonder how you can go back and forth to France from Korea this summer? FKCCI gathered this comprehensive guide with all you need to know!

For French residents in Korea wishing to go back to France and then re-enter Korea, the process can be complicated as regulations are changing rapidly in the uncertain COVID-19 era. Here are the different steps to follow for a smooth journey:


Step 1: Pre-conditions


Step 2: Re-entry permit application (except for A-1, A-2, A-3, and F-4 visa holders)

* “Imperative” reasons only are accepted such as important family, health, or business reasons.

* Fee: 24,800 KRW

* Processing time: within 4 working days

* Validity period: up to 1 year within the range of your visa validity

*Call 1345 if you have any issues with this process.


Step 3: Just before departure to France

  • 1st Negative RT—PCR test or antigenic results taken within 72hrs before departure is required when boarding:
    • RT-PCR test at public or private hospital (100,000 to 300,000 KRW fee per person with appointment) able to give a certificate in English
    • Antigenic test at medical center of Incheon Airport  (30,000 KRW / result one hour after test given until 6pm): 

* As South Korea is in the list of "green" countries for France so entry conditions are eased. Please refer here for details: 

* Refer to here for the list of places where you can take a test with certificate issued in English in Korea

* Unfortunately, the free COVID-19 testing centers — like public health centers — do not offer certificates that are required for flying

* Auto-tests taken in pharmacies are not recognized

* Test certificates issued at public medical centers (보건소) at your local “Gu” administration cannot be given  in English


Step 4: During your sojourn in France & before departure to Korea

  • Comply with sanitary measures in France. Installing the “Stop Covid” application is recommended
  • 2nd Negative RT—PCR test results are required by the Korean authorities within 72hrs before departure.
    • Can be taken in any hospital, local doctor or Covid test center able to release a certificate of negative results in English. Find test centers here:
    • This COVID-19 PCR negative test results must include the following information:

- Name as it appears on your international passport
- Date of birth (and/or passport number)
- Type of test
- Results of test
- Date of test (date of sample collection)
- Date of issuance
- Name of PCR testing laboratory issuing the result

  • The negative test results must be issued in Korean or English. In case of the other languages, the results must be translated into Korean or English with original copies and certificate of translation.


Step 5: After Arrival in Korea

  • Process at Incheon airport
    • Sign a "Health Declaration" form and a "Travel Record Declaration" given during your flight
    • Download the “Self-quarantine Safety Protection App" and the “Self-diagnosis Mobile App”
    • Follow the instructions given by staffs of Incheon airport
  • Transfer from the airport to home
    • By designated taxi (~70,000 KRW)
    • By designated shuttle bus (free of charge)
  • 3rd PCR test within 72hrs of arrival. Travel to test center need to be by foot or directly from the airport
  • 14 days quarantine at home
  • 4th PCR test at the end of quarantine is not mandatory but might be required at the discretion of your local administration


What about vaccination in Korea?

NB: Vaccination certificates issued from France are not yet recognized by the Korean authorities but discussions are ongoing between countries' authorities towards mutual recognition of vaccination certificates

You have three options to get vaccinated in Korea

2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) 

3rd quarter (Jul-Sep) 

4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 

Aged more than 65 

Those who have chronic diseases 

Aged 50-64  

Secondary vaccination 

Those who are not vaccinated yet 

Those who need to be re-vaccinated 

Health and medical service professions 

All the professions from social infrastructures like soldiers, polices, firefighting etc 

All the professions of facility of the disabled 

Professions from educational facilities for babies, young children and teenagers 

Aged 18-49 

  • Option 3: You apply to get a left-over vaccine
    • You need to be affiliated to the Korean National Insurance
    • Available on your KakaoTalk application under the menu "#자여백신" 


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