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Valrhona and Chef Frédéric Bau's " Gourmandise Raisonnée " Conference Concludes Successfully

Dessert Innovation with Frédéric Bau, Pioneer of Ethical Gastronomy

Introduction to the Gourmandise Raisonnée Conference

[May 22, 2024, Seoul] The "Reasoned Gourmandise" conference by Valrhona was held at Maison Le Cercle in Seoul, South Korea. During the event, French pastry chef Frédéric Bau presented nutritionally superior pastry recipes and a vision for responsible gastronomy, based on his book Gourmandise Raisonnée.

In the presence of various culinary experts, Chef Frédéric introduced a new kind of gastronomy that combines emotion and nutrition, lightness and indulgence, showcasing a vision for sustainable pastries. He garnered support from experts by discussing how traditional pastries often relied on large amounts of butter, eggs, flour, and sugar to ensure taste, while modern trends prioritize self-care and well-being, making it challenging to fully enjoy conventional desserts.

The conference included a tasting of desserts embodying Chef Frédéric’s " Gourmandise Raisonnée" principles. Three items were offered: vanilla tart, lemon pie, and Orpheus chocolate choux. Attendees remarked that these desserts, despite their better nutritional profiles, matched the flavors of classic pastries.

Chef Frédéric emphasized to the attending experts the importance of considering social movements and guiding consumers towards healthier, tastier choices.


About Chef Frédéric Bau

Frédéric Bau is Valrhona’s Creative Director Chef. He joined Valrhona in 1987, honing his chocolate expertise, and founded Valrhona's chocolate school, L'École Valrhona, in 1989, leading it for 20 years. L'École Valrhona is renowned as a top chocolate educational institution, sharing ideas and techniques with chefs worldwide.

A pioneer in chocolate menus, Chef Frédéric developed Dulcey 35%, the first blonde chocolate, in 2012. He has published numerous books on chocolate pastries, appeared as a judge on the French TV competition Meilleur Pâtissier (Best Pastry Chef), and hosted the second season of Les Rois du Gâteau (Kings of Cake) in 2019.


About the Book “Gourmandise Raisonnée”

In collaboration with doctor and nutritionist Thierry Hanh, Chef Frédéric Bau formalized new recipe principles that combine good taste, form, and nutrition. Though "reasoned" and "gourmandise" seem opposing, his approach breaks the traditional notion that all ingredients must be used abundantly. Chef Frédéric advocates that healthier recipes should be indistinguishable in taste from classic ones, presenting Gourmandise Raisonnée principles through Pierre Hermé’s dessert recipes in the book.


About Valrhona

Founded in 1922, Valrhona is a pioneer and expert in the chocolate industry, long established as a partner to artisans. Based in France, Valrhona explores the globe for rare and superior cocoa varieties and unique aroma profiles, producing distinctive limited-edition products. The limited-edition Cuvée du Source collection exemplifies Valrhona’s premium chef chocolates and retail products, representing excellence and ethical standards.

Valrhona’s mission, “Together, good becomes better”, reflects their commitment to a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry, superior gastronomy and aesthetics, and a better environment for making positive impacts. Since obtaining their first B Corp certification in January 2020 and recertification in December 2023, Valrhona has joined the ranks of global ethical companies that equally value economic, social, and environmental performance.

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