VSLB Inc. 3D Design Studio in Seoul – Creates LG Objet Collection Tailored Home Appliances for LG

VSLB participated on a project with the premium & luxury technology brand LG, for the creation of their new LG Objet Collection made entirely in 3D

VSLB Inc. 3D Design Studio in Seoul participated on a project with the premium & luxury technology brand LG, for the creation of their new LG Objet Collection made entirely in 3D rendering and 3D video animation. The videos and images are being displayed around all of South Korea and especially utilized on LG’s big screen in their buildings. 

These were the first-ever Home Appliances to use the experience of Knock-On, whereby the controls of the home appliances only show-up after 2 knocks on their screen. Showcasing the adaptability of the LG Objet collection to different environments through video was definitely not an easy task, but VSLB managed to create a 3D Animated video that completely captures LG brand’s identity and new design adaptability to different environmental, color sets, etc. For this collaboration, LG Objet wanted to showcase their new line of luxury home appliances, and the "Knock-On'' effect whereby the more you collect and add, the more you experience the power of the Objet collection, completing your interior. VSLB’s creations were praised by the Industry for their hyper-realism and faithful representation.

The animations VSLB produced, interchanging LG Objet Collection appliances, were then interlaced with pre-recorded footage of a model to create the TV commercial. The visual content is being used as part of LG’s Marketing Campaign in shopping malls, TV, social media platforms and websites. 

The power of a carefully designed collection
Nowadays, with more time at home, people are no longer satisfied with the space they have been given and want a newer, more exciting space. Instead of changing the physicality or dimensions of a space, new natural home appliances respond to the human desire for a better space.

Meet the objet collection at the peak of technology heritage
The experience of Knock-On, which provides the peace of mind and the innovative ease of use, is definitely new. At the peak of technology, the perfect harmony of home appliances and space fills your daily life with special experiences.

VSLB is a Virtual Design Studio, who is building a bridge between consumers and brands through the power of art and tailored 3D visual content. 

We develop powerful 3D creative design concepts to make your brand stand out and utilize creative artistry to advertise your products in a meaningful way. 

Our services are tailored to your marketing objectives, product’s unique selling points, brand persona, and digital platforms. Along with your 3D creative design content, we provide extensive experience in visual branding strategies and artistic concepts for your brand’s online and offline presence.

Full project Link: https://vs-lb.com/the-era-of-space-tailored-home-appliances/

For inquiries find VSLB team:
Sarah Schmidt – sarah(@)vs-lb.com
Larissa Resende – larissa(@)vs-lb.ccom




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