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[Webinar] Mr. Nicolas Baverezs shared his view on political challenges in France

Mr. Nicolas Baverezs shared his view on political challenges in France

On July 20, Mr. Nicolas Baverez, historian and economist, shared his view on political challenges in France through a webinar organized by FKCCI.

The economist and historian Nicolas Baverez was the special guest of a FKCCI webinar held on July 20th to share his views and insights on the unprecedented political situation in France following the presidential and parliamentary elections held in the first half of 2022. 

 New dynamics of political balance have emerged as the recently re-elected President Emmanuel Macron did not obtained an absolute majority in the new National Assembly, and will have to look for a majority on a case-by-case basis. 
 Nicolas Baverez pointed out the need for the executive and legislative powers to cooperate in order to govern the country and to succeed in tackling the many challenges facing us on the internal and international levels. In this context, the responsibility of all political forces becomes crucial to avoid the deadlock of institutions. 

 During the Q&A session, Mr. Baverez also shared its analysis of the new global balance of power, global economic imbalances and challenges, armed conflicts and security situation in Europe and in the world. 


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Economist and historian, Nicolas Baverez is a columnist in Le Point and Le Figaro and the author of several books including recently L’Alerte démocratique, Reconstructions and Le Monde selon Tocqueville. Member of the Executive Committee of Commentary magazine and treasurer of the Société des Amis de Raymond Aron, he is also Avocat à la Cour d'Appel in Paris, France, Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. 



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