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Webinar On Winning Luxury Consumers: Actionable Strategies For The Future

Webinar 'Winning Luxury Consumers: Actionable Strategies For The Future' by ESSEC business school

ESSEC, a leading French business school, is organizing a webinar on 'Winning Luxury Consumers: Actionable Strategies For The Future' on March 12th.

Save the date for a preview webinar on Winning Luxury Consumers: Actionable Strategies for the Future happening on Friday, 12 March at 2:30 pm (UTC +8) / 3:30 pm (Seoul, KST) .

Join this exclusive preview by a panel of luxury experts and receive a special offer to their upcoming three-part workshop in Spring that will be announced during the webinar.

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About the webinar:

As the old saying goes: The Customer is King. If this is so, then perhaps in Luxury, the HNWI (High Net Worth Individual) client is the Emperor! Acquiring and retaining these “Emperors” is both an Art and a Science, made even more challenging by cultural differences, an increasingly competitive landscape, and evolving profiles and needs of today’s luxury consumers. To compound matters, the current global pandemic has accentuated the need for luxury brands to have an omnichannel strategy focusing on digital. But does this mean the end of brick-and-mortar retail stores?

In an innovative collaboration between academia and industry, one of the world’s leading business schools in luxury brand management, ESSEC Business School, is launching a unique program designed for anyone working in the luxury/premium industries interested in better understanding the luxury consumer. Participants will be able to apply this learning to their own industries and to help elevate their brand positioning. The course is represented by an ESSEC Professor with high level of expertise in the luxury industry and boutique advisory firm Hydra Advisory, represented by three former luxury executives and ESSEC Alumni. Attendees will get to interact synchronously in this engaging online program delivered by leading experts with a wealth of experience in the luxury industry.





A leading pioneer in education since 1907, ESSEC is ranked top 6th business school in Europe by the Financial Times and holds the prestigious "triple crown" accreditation awarded by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB.

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Email: execedasia@essec.edu


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