COVID-19: International mail and delivery conditions in and from Korea

International mailing from Korean post offices to France have been disturbed since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. There are only two options to send documents and parcels abroad: shipping delivery and EMS. Other types of mailing don't deliver France anymore such as the K-Packet or air shipping (except EMS) services. You can find on the Korean Post Office website the list of mailing services available by countries. Find also here the pricing simulator and here the pricing categories for EMS.

Regarding delivery from abroad to Korea through e-commerce platforms, as air freight has been restricted, international deliveries may take longer than usual. In Korea still, international deliveries works properly and goes through the usual custom clearance process. In order to receive international deliveries you need to get a Korean Customs ID number, which is a 13 digit number starting with a P, that is tied to your identity and home address. Foreigners need to have an Alien Registration Card (ARC) and a phone number to apply. You can apply from here

Check out also our COVID-19 Advisory webpage for more information on COVID-19 measures in Korea and France, travel and visa restrictions.


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