L’Oréal renews its Hair designer Academy, with DPJ & Partners, Architecture

Located in the heart of Gangnam, the academy is a community playground for all hair designer based on digital education and sustainability commitments. With this iconic place, L’Oréal wants to create a content factory and a broadcasting hub to inspire hair designers in Korea and Asia.

The exterior as the interior design are inspired by the three core values of L’Oréal Professional: creativity, digital and sustainability. The façade represents hair stream creativity coming from all around Korea and beyond through an animation of colorful wood blinds. They return themselves inside the lounge space to end up in a spiral chandelier right above the community table. From that point, guests will enjoy the giant digital community screen which connect the L’Oréal large hair designer community altogether.

The lounge space as the tuition ones equipped with many digital tools provide a warm and colorful experience including many natural elements. Reflecting this approach, the academy is certified LEED Gold for its sustainable performance and design. 

DPJ & Partners, Architecture (David-Pierre Jalicon, Architecte) was in charge of the design and the project management of the whole operation.


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