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Renault Korea CEO Stephane Deblaise Presents Vision for Future Mobility Growth

  • CEO Stephane Deblaise participates in “Investment Korea Summit 2023” to unveil continued domestic investment and future strategies based on innovation, highlighting 5 trillion won in cumulative investment over 23 years since Renault’s entry into Korea
  • Renault Korea is expected to serve as a global hub for development and production of the Renault Group's high-end mid-size and full-size segment vehicles
  • In his second year in office, CEO Deblaise makes significant achievements such as new car development and business normalization based on his career as an engineer


Renault Korea Motors (CEO Stephane Deblaise) participated in the “Invest Korea Summit 2023” held at BEXCO in Busan on the 7th to showcase the company’s investment achievements in Korea and unveil its plan for the transition to future mobility.

While delivering a speech during the Invest Korea conference on that day, Renault Korea CEO Stephane Deblaise announced the company’s achievements, such as cumulative production of 3.7 million vehicles based on the company’s cumulative investment of 5 trillion won in Korea and its continued contribution to overseas exports.



Furthermore, he emphasized that Korea's outstanding industrial and human infrastructure serves as a foundation for foreign investment, and presented Renault Korea's vision for future mobility as "a Thriving Automotive Tech Company."

Renault Korea has accelerated its efforts to strengthen its research and development capabilities in automotive software based on digital trends to enhance consumer convenience. Through these efforts, the automaker has introduced industry-leading innovative solutions to the domestic market and consumers, such as “In Car Payment,” a simple payment system that allows customers to place orders, pay and receive items in the car, and a real-time maintenance booking service called “Fast Track Booking.”

Renault Korea also plans to expedite its transition to eco-friendly electrified vehicles, including the latest hybrid technology, starting from next year.



CEO Stephane Deblaise has made great contributions in leading Renault Korea to fulfill its role as a global hub for the development and production of the Renault Group's high-end mid-size and full-size segment vehicles.

In his second year in office, CEO Stephane Deblaise, who drew on his career as an engineer to lead and oversee the development of various vehicles at Renault Group, has made significant achievements, not only in the development of Renault Korea’s new vehicles, but also in the normalization of its operations, such as labor-management negotiations without a strike for two consecutive years and enhanced employee communication. In particular, CEO Stephane Deblaise successfully organized the first visit of Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, last year, which solidified Renault Korea's role in the Group's future vehicle roadmap and opened up the possibility of massive investment to this end.

Meanwhile, the Invest Korea Summit 2023, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and organized by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), marked its 19th anniversary this year and was held in Busan, a candidate city to host the 2030 World Expo and home to Renault Korea's production hub.




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