[UPDATE - COVID-19] Sanitary measures in France

Find here a summary of the latest sanitary measures in France.

End of the state of sanitary emergency

Since August 1, France decided the end of the state of sanitary emergency. It means the regime of sanitary pass is ending and potential measures on mask wearing, confinement or curfew are now possible only though vote of Parliament subject to common law.


Mask regulations

Rules on masks were eased as follows:

  • Wearing mask in closed spaces is no longer mandatory since March 14th, 2022.
  • Wearing mask outdoors is no longer mandatory since February 2nd, 2022.
  • Wearing mask in public transportations is no longer mandatory since May 16th, 2022.
  • Wearing mask is not mandatory in health facilities and nursing homes but heavily recommended.



Since January 3 2022, rules on isolation are applied as follows:

  • Isolation period reduced to 7 days for children under 12 and Covid-19 patients if their health pass is up to date, and to 5 days if they have a negative test and no symptom during the past 48 hrs.
  • Isolation period is 10 days for non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated Covid-19 patients. The period can be reduced to 7 days if the person meets two conditions: she has a negative RTPCR or antigenic test result, and she does not have symptoms for 48 hrs.
  • Contact cases with a valid health pass are no longer required to remain in isolation, but need to respect social distancing measures and work from home if possible.



  • The second booster shot is available to immunosuppressed individuals, to people aged more than 80 years old and all residents of EHPAD and USLD facilities. It is also available to adults aged 18 to 60 at risk of contracting severe forms of Covid-19, pregnant women, relatives of people at risk, and medical workers.
  • The delay for the booster shot is 3 months after the last shot or COVID-19 infection.
  • Vaccination is open to children between 5 and 11 since December 22nd 2021. 


Working conditions

Measures were announced as follows:

  • Since February 2nd 2022, remote work is not mandatory anymore, but is still recommended.
  • The national protocol to protect employees health has been updated since jan 3rd 2022 as detailed here.
  • Wearing mask is not mandatory at work since March 14th, 2022.


Sanitary pass

  • The sanitary pass is no longer implemented in all situations since August 1st.
  • Two epidemic monitoring tools have been extended for the sole purpose of monitoring the epidemic and issuing the European Union's digital Covid certificate: the national screening information system (SI-DEP), which centralizes the test results and generates certificates in European format, is extended until June 30, 2023; and Contact Covid, which provides follow-up and support for infected people and their contact cases, has been extended until January 31, 2023.


Entry conditions in France


Since August 1, 2022, the rules previously applied to travelers to France no longer apply:

  • Travelers no longer have to complete any formalities before their arrival in France, in mainland France and overseas, and the presentation of the sanitary pass can no longer be required, regardless of the country or area of origin
  • No further proof of travel (the "compelling reason") are required
  • Travelers no longer have to present a sworn statement of non-contamination and a commitment to undergo an antigenic test or a biological examination on arrival in the national territory.
  • In the event of the emergence of a dangerous variant, the sanitary pass could be required to enter the territory through periodic decrees valid for two months

Read our guide on entry in France here for more info.


More info an overall regulations here (FR) 


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