[COVID-19] Your guide to vaccination in Korea

[COVID-19] Your guide to get vaccinated in Korea - French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Here is your practical guide to vaccination in Korea!

Recognition of overseas vaccination in Korea

On October 5th, the Korean government announced new guidelines to recognize overseas vaccination for visitors who have been given quarantine exemption certificates to enter Korea, as well as diplomats and their families. From October 7th, those eligible who have a mobile phone under their name will be able to receive, through the CooV system, a vaccination certificate to benefit from the same incentives for fully vaccinated people in Korea such as exceptions to the limit of the number of private meetings.

To get one's vaccination recognized, a person must visit a public health center and submit an overseas vaccination record and quarantine exemption certificate. They will receive a digital vaccine certificate from the mobile application COOV, or a paper certificate.

The vaccines accepted are those that have received World Health Organization (WHO) approval : Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Covishield (AstraZeneca vaccine by Serum Institute of India), Sinopharm and Sinovac. Two weeks must have passed since the inoculation.

It is expected that recognition of overseas vaccination will be gradually extended.


Domestic vaccination process in Korea

Foreigners in long sojourn in Korea have the same access conditions as Korean national to different options to get vaccinated. 

You have three options to get vaccinated: 

1) You are in the eligibility list on the national calendar

N.B.: Foreigners registered in Korea can have access to this vaccination procedure even without the Korean National Health Insurance. 


  Vaccine Type  

Inoculation Period

General population without comorbidity

Above 75


2021, April 1 ~  (Reservation: Individual reservations)

Between 75 and 74


2021, May 27 ~(Reservation: August 2~August 31)

Between 60 and 64


2021, June 6 ~   (Reservation: August 2~August 31)

Between 55 and 59


2021, July 26 ~August 7 (Reservation: July 12~July 17)

Between 50 and 54


2021, August 9 ~August 21 (Reservation: July 19~July24)

Between 18 and 49

Pfizer & Moderna

2021, August 26 ~September 30 (Reservation: August 9~August 18)

Population with chronic diseases

Patients with chronic kidney disease


2021, April 20 ~ (Reservation August 5~)

Patients with severe chronic respiratory disease


2021, May 27 ~ (Reservation August 5~)

Check the detailed calendar here: 



Please check here the procedure: 








  1. Enter the site of KCDA
  2. Click on "본인 예약"
  3. Click on "예약하기"
  4. Fill in all the information required. First of all, put your name, ID card number (Foreign Registration Number) and check your identity via mobile number. 
  5. Then, you need to put mobile number and choose if they want to get an alert service for each vaccination procedure. 
  6. Through the orange button, you can choose the medical center where you want to get vaccinated, and choose the date and time. 
  7. At last, by clicking the blue button, you can complete your booking for vaccination. 
  8. You will get informed via the service that you choose for the alert. 

[On the day]  

  1. Visit the medical center.  
  2. Check your identity. (Please bring your ID card)  
  3. Get the information about vaccination and fill up a form.  
  4. After getting vaccinated, receive a certificate for 1st dose.  
  5. Stay at the center at least 15-30 mins to see if everything is fine.  

[After Vaccination]  

  1. After arriving at home, please observe your physical state for 3 hours.  
  2. If you have any symptom like fever, headache etc, please go to see a doctor.  



From August 9th until September 17th, all residents in Korea (including Foreigners) can make a reservation for vaccination under the following rules (from 8pm of the D-day till 6pm the following day):

  • Aug 9th: all people with birthday ending in 9, 19 or 29
  • Aug 10th: all people with birthday ending in 10, 20 or 30
  • Aug 11th: all people with birthday ending in 1, 11, 21 or 31
  • Aug 12th: all people with birthday ending in 2, 12 or 22
  • Aug 13th: all people with birthday ending in 3, 13 or 23
  • Aug 14th: all people with birthday ending in 4, 14 or 24
  • Aug 15th: all people with birthday ending in 5, 15 or 25
  • Aug 16th: all people with birthday ending in 6, 16 or 26
  • Aug 17th: all people with birthday ending in 7, 17 or 27
  • Aug 18th: all people with birthday ending in 8, 18 or 28

For people who did not take appointment at these dates, they can then book on:

  • Aug 19th: all people between 36 and 49
  • Aug 20th: all people between 18 and 35
  • Aug 21st~Sept 17th: all people between 18 and 48

More info (FR)


2) You are going on a business trip  

N.B.: Foreigners registered in Korea can have access to this vaccination procedure even without the Korean National Health Insurance. 

The Korean government allows those who are not on the priority list but who have to go on a business trip abroad to get vaccinated.  It demands a document check of related ministry and the authorization of KCDA (Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency).  



Please check here the procedure that has to be made from the portal of the Business Travel Support Center (BTSC) operated by KITA: 
Website : 
Address : Seoul Samseong-dong Coex 2F #A100
Phone : 1566-8110, 02-6000-7192~7195

  1. You have to apply via email to (btscvc(@)
  2. The subject of the email must be “CompanyName_DateofApplication_DateofDeparture_CategoryofProfession” 
  3. All the documents required must be submitted via email. (you can download all the forms needed here: ) 
  • Application form (hwp/doc) 
  • Personal information of applicant (xlsx) 
  • Passport copy
  • Employment certificate 
  • Business licence or corporate registration 
  • Certificate of Essential worker(pdf), which is mandatory except President or CEO 
  • Copy of flight ticket (a round-trip) 
  • Justification of the necessity of Business trip, invitation, contract, or confirmation of Event registration 



Application is possible under those conditions :

  • If you need to go to a high sanitary risk country (as of March 2021, this list includes 135 countries) or if your visiting country or visiting organization required to get vaccinated
  • If there is an imperative business reason such as a contract to conclude, infrastructure construction or maintenance, or if an online meeting would not be possible for your business purpose.
  • If you are C-level ("임원")
  • You should apply at least 60 days before your departure. Request will be sent to the competent central administration to assess the imperative business reason. It will be transferred to KDCA who will give you the result 1 month after your application. Afterwards, you will have 1 month to do your reservation at a vaccine center.
  • Foreigners have access to this procedure but should be registered to the immigration at least during 3 months and their required documents are the same as for Korean Nationals
  • People who get through this process cannot choose which vaccine they get (currently, AstraZeneca is mainly administered). 
  • They can get a certificate in KR and EN. 
  • The process is available between 2nd and 3rd quarter of this year

Please note that quarantine exemptions are only granted if you are fully vaccinated and got negative PCR test results two weeks after receiving your last shot. Within this procedure, it is possible exceptionally to apply for a short delay of 4 weeks between 2 shots. So if you'd like a quarantine exemption through this process, you should apply at least 3 months and a half in advance: 1 month for application review, 1 month for first shot, 1 month minimum for 2nd shot and 2 weeks after full vaccination.


3) You apply for left-over vaccine 

N.B.: Foreigners registered in Korea must have the Korean National Health Insurance to get access to this vaccination procedure.

This process is available directly from calling medical centers or via both Naver and KakaoTalk platforms to book vaccination of left-over doses of no-show from people on the national priority list. It can be proceeded in two ways, either by:

  • Getting directly a leftover vaccine on the d-day ("당일예약")
  • Registering on waiting lists.

People over 60 have priority for this process. From June 10th, people under 60 can only book leftover vaccine on the d-day ("당일예약") through Naver and KakaoTalk and are not entitled to be on waiting lists.

People under 30 cannot access to this method as left-over vaccines are AstraZeneca only.



1) Naver 

  • Type “잔여백신” on Naver or Naver map then, you will see all the red points, which are medical clinics where you can get vaccinated. Select one of them and make a reservation. 

2) KakaoTalk 

  • At the top of the KakaoTalk application, find the #, Click “#잔여백신” then, click the yellow button to proceed the reservation. 
  • All the grey points represent the medical center, where you can get vaccinated. You can select one of them then book your vaccination.
  • To check your identity, you have to do a self-verification. (if you have got already a certificate offered by Naver or Kakaotalk, you can skip this step).


You can also register for left-over vaccines through notifications by being on waiting lists (only those over 60 from June 10th)

  • Register to maximum 5 medical centers in advance. → When those medical centers have some residuary vaccine, you will get a notification via Naver, KakaoTalk or SMS so that you can book your vaccination. 
  • This process is on a first come, first served basis. 
  • The no-shows without cancellation in advance won’t be able to this process anymore.  

More information here:


What are the social distancing rules for fully vaccinated people in Korea?

After being fully vaccinated and undergoing a negative PCR test 2 weeks after the final dose inoculation, you will receive a health pass from the authorities.

With this pass, you can apply for quarantine exemption when returning from abroad. Please check here the process for waiver of quarantine: 

This pass also allows for private gathering up to 6 before 6pm and up to 4 after 6pm if at least two people in the group are fully vaccinated


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