[COVID-19] Your guide to vaccination in Korea

[COVID-19] Your guide to get vaccinated in Korea - French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Here is your practical guide to vaccination in Korea!

Recognition of Overseas Vaccination in Korea

(Last update March 21st, 2022)

Entrants fully vaccinated are exempted from quarantine from March 21, 2022, if their vaccine status is already registered in Korea.

To get one's vaccination recognized, entrants must register in advance their PCR certificate, vaccination certificate, and quarantine exemption certificate on the immigration system before the entry starting from March 21 and pre-register system is automatically linked to a digital vaccine certificate from the mobile application COOV.

Even if vaccination is completed overseas, if their vaccine is already registered in Korea and is confirmed through Q-CODE in Korea, their vaccine status is considered to be registered in Korea. 

The vaccines accepted are those that have received World Health Organization (WHO) approval : Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Covishield (AstraZeneca vaccine by Serum Institute of India), Sinopharm and Sinovac. Two weeks must have passed since the last inoculation.


Domestic Vaccination Process in Korea

(Last update August 1st, 2022)

1) Useful Information


  • All residents in South Korea aged 12 or more have currently access to vaccination.
  • Foreigners in long sojourn in Korea have the same access conditions as Korean nationals to different booking options to get vaccinated. 
  • Short-term visitors, who are staying in Korea for less than 90 days for tourism etc. are not eligible for vaccination in Korea.

Vaccine pass validity & booster shots:

  • The vaccine pass is valid for 6 months after completion of the primary doses and booster shots.
  • On your COOV application, you can check the expiration date of your vaccine pass.
  • On first inoculations, one cannot choose their vaccine type. But after completion of the first vaccination cycle, the booster shot will be the same kind as your previous inoculations: Astrazenaca (AZ), Janssen (J&J), or mRNA (Moderna, Pfizer)
  • Since August 1, the second Covid booster shot is available for people aged 50 or more, as well as imunosupressed individuals from 18 or more, from 4 months after the last booster shot.

Target population

Vaccine Type

Booster shot intervals

People between 18-59

Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca

3~6 months

People of 60 and above


Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca

3~6 months

All population

Janssen (J&J)

2 months

People with weak immune system

All vaccines

2 months








More info here (KR)


2) General Vaccination Procedure

N.B.: Foreigners registered in Korea can have access to this vaccination procedure even without the Korean National Health Insurance. 

  • Via KCDA Website

Please check here the procedure: 

For more information, contact a public health center (list of centers here).  

N.B.: Reservations on the same or next day are not possible. You can make a reservation only for at least 2 days later inoculation.


  1. Enter the site of KCDA
  2. Click on "확인"
  3. Select your ID identification method (Naver, Kakao, PASS, Bank Certification, or Mobile phone) and click " 본인인증 바로하기" 
  4. Follow the process for ID verification
  5. Fill in all the information required. First of all, select "본인예약" if you register for yourself, or "대리예약" if you register for someone else. Then put your name, ID card number (Foreign Registration Number), mobile number, and select the way you want to be informed (Naver App, KakaoTalk, Toss, Mobile Phone Message)
  6. Through the orange button "대상자 확인",  you can check if your name is right. Be careful to write the name the exact same way as it is registered on your ID card.
  7. Through the orange button "의로기관 찾기", you can choose the medical center where you want to get vaccinated, and choose the date and time. 
  8. At last, by clicking the blue button "예약", you can complete your booking for vaccination. 
  9. You will get informed via the service that you choose for the alert. 

[On the day]  

  1. Visit the medical center.  
  2. Check your identity. (Please bring your ID card)  
  3. Get the information about vaccination and fill up a form.  
  4. After getting vaccinated, receive a certificate for your dose
  5. Stay at the center at least 15-30 mins to see if everything is fine.  

[After Vaccination]  

  1. After arriving at home, please observe your physical state for 3 hours.  
  2. If you have any symptom like fever, headache etc, please go to see a doctor.  


  • Via telephone

  1. Call directly 1339 KCDA call center

  2. Or call your local center in the list here


3) Procedure for left-over doses

1) Naver 

  • Type “잔여백신” on Naver or Naver map then, you will see all the red points, which are medical clinics where you can get vaccinated. Select one of them and make a reservation. 

2) KakaoTalk 

  • At the top of the KakaoTalk application, find the #, Click “#잔여백신” then, click the yellow button to proceed the reservation. 
  • All the points represent the medical center, where you can get vaccinated. You can select one of them then book your vaccination.
  • To check your identity, you have to do a self-verification. (if you have got already a certificate offered by Naver or Kakaotalk, you can skip this step).


4) Social Distancing Rules with the Vaccine Pass

Vaccine passes are required to use multiuse facilities and grant other accesses. Check the details on our guide on social distancing rules in Korea here

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. FKCCI is available to provide help to all its members !


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