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FKCCI participates in the European Business Community Roundtable with MOTIE

FKCCI participates in the European Business Community Roundtable with MOTIE

On September 28th, FKCCI participated in the European Business Community Roundtable with the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) to discuss economic cooperation between the EU and Korea.

Mr. Yeo Han-Gu, minister for Trade, presided the meeting attended by Korean officials including the Foreign Investment Ombudsman, Mr. Kim Sung Jin, and heads of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea, including Mr. David-Pierre Jalicon, FKCCI Chairman.

In introduction, the minister communicated a positive message that “foreign companies are very important for Korean economy, and I will ensure that they are successful”.

Topics included expanding the global value chains towards European suppliers, especially in the field of green, decarbonized economy, and digital economy, the EU-KR FTA, and COVID vaccine certificates mutual recognition.

Regarding France, Mr. Jalicon reaffirmed the strong position of France in the Korean economic landscape: “France is already part of the Korean value chain, as equipment for the electronic industry is our 3rd leading exports items in Korea, and equipment for construction industries is the 5th leading exports items. French companies have as well recently invest in the field of wind energy, and is a strong player of hydrogen projects, two fields very important in regards of climate challenge but as well with high potential in terms of cooperation within the Green New Deal program.”

FKCCI raised two specific issues: the recognition of European standards to get Korean certification, and access to public bidding and sandbox projects.  Indeed, in some cases French products (parts, components and equipment) with European Certification cannot be imported in Korea if they do not receive the specific Korean Certification which goes through its specific set of rules. Following the meeting, the MOTIE organized a specific meeting with the KAST (Korean Agency for Standards and Technology) to discuss certification.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to work together and engage discussion on ways to ease exports of French products.



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