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From retail tours to B2B meetings, throwback to GCC.EU & FKCCI's enriching beauty-focused learning expedition


Learn more about Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe's beauty-focused cosmetics mission, led by FKCCI from May 22nd to 27th.

The end of May has been busy for Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe (GCC.EU)! From May 22nd to 27th, this European beauty cluster gathering French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Italian and Turkish actors sent a delegation to visit Korea for an intense, yet enriching learning expedition led by FKCCI and its partner, Korean beauty cluster IBITA.

The mission, designed to help delegation members to deepen their operational knowledge of the peninsula's market and connect with potential local partners, was a great success. Participants notably commanded its impeccable organization and the well-suited program. "[Our delegation] could discover new products and technologies all along the week. It was really interesting for us", declared Christophe Masson, head of French cluster Cosmetic Valley and spokesman of GCC.EU. "We all have different profiles, and all of them are really happy with the organization and the activities of this week. The organization for perfect", added Adrià Martínez, representative of Spanish cluster Beauty Cluster.





All along the mission, various appointments provided participants with opportunities to better understand the Korean beauty landscape. Highlights include:


  • The signature of several MOU between GCC.EU and FKCCI, IBITA, and Korean beauty hub Chungbuk Province.
  • Retail tours in key beauty districts and flagship stores.
  • GCC.EU's participation in one of Asia's most renowned beauty exhibition, CosmoBeauty Seoul 2022, with a shared booth.
  • And numerous opportunities to partake in B2B meetings, networking sessions, press interviews and round tables!


Following the expedition, several members of the delegation expressed their appreciation to FKCCI teams, present alongside them to ensure the smooth conduct of the mission:


A rich and intense experience and my 1st time in Seoul! Will hopefully come back... Many thanks to the young and smart FKCCI Team!” (Maryvonne - Ouate)

“Thank you to FKCCI and to the Global Cosmetics Cluster for making this happen. They organized a lot of activities in South Korea that helped us know the market, the beauty trends and the culture better. We have acquired not only knowledge but a lot of inspiration for our projects.” (Sara - Innia)


FKCCI is delighted to have had the chance to support GCC.EU in their discovery of South Korea and its cosmetics market. The Chamber thanks each member of the delegation, as well as its partners, for their trust and commitment to making this mission a success!



You, too, are interested in our learning expeditions? Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Representative, Sonia Chaïeb.





Photo Gallery - Day 1


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