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GEODIS deciphers supply chains’ latest challenges and opportunities during an enlightening business breakfast

GEODIS deciphers supply chains’ latest challenges and opportunities during an enlightening business breakfast

Global supply chains are facing unprecedented challenges due to geopolitical and economic upheavals.

To address these challenges, GEODIS Korea, a leading global logistics provider, recently hosted a business breakfast where they gathered 40 participants. The event was organized and promoted by the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry's services and featured GEODIS Chief Economist, Mr. Luca Silipo, as the keynote speaker.

During the event, Mr. Silipo shared his insights on the changing parameters of modern supply chains. He emphasized that the global value chains we currently know were built for a world that no longer exists. Free trade, which was once an essential criterion for the proper functioning of supply chains, is no longer guaranteed. Countries are adopting protectionist practices, and Western economies are keen on adopting "convenient multilateralism." Mr. Silipo believes that these changes are not just temporary fluctuations but rather represent a strong trend. The maximization of profit through global value chains is constrained by what he calls the "price of complexity."




Mr. Silipo pointed out that the cost of several factors is weighing increasingly more on companies, such as climate change, geopolitical issues, transportation costs, social sustainability, currency volatility, risk aversion, and cultural gaps, among others. Therefore, it's essential for companies to shift their perspective on supply chains from a mere service to a discipline that demands a thorough system analysis, acknowledging the impact of every factor. This involves considering multiple scenarios and conducting in-depth risk assessments.

The presentation concluded with a Q&A session where the audience could further their understanding of the topic with Mr. Silipo and Mr. Benoît Brule and Ms. Florence Lee, respectively Managing Director of GEODIS South Korean branch and Regional Sales & Marketing Director for the APAC & Middle East region.

“The speakers were very knowledgeable and interesting”, commented a guest at the end of the event. “Overall, the session was extremely informative and a great way to discover new opportunities”.


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