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Institut Pasteur and its unit in Korea establish a Joint International Research Unit for next-gen therapy against infectious diseases

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) and the Institut Pasteur (Paris) signed an agreement for the creation of a Pasteur Joint International Research Unit.

Dubbed “Artificial intelligence for image-based drug discovery & development” (Ai3D)", the PIU  is a “virtual unit” designed to pair a Pasteur unit with at least one international research team with complementary competencies and expertise to elaborate research programs on shared topics of interest and mobilize national and international funding to implement their shared research projects. Built around scientific projects selected for their quality, these research units facilitate scientific interactions and mobility, particularly for young researchers, and give greater visibility to the research teams involved. Since 2016, nine PIU have been created in collaboration with members of the Institut Pasteur International Network. The Ai3D PIU is one of the last three PIU to have been created following the call for PIU applications between the Institut Pasteur and the Network.

The PIU-Ai3D envisages combining the resources of IPK in image-based screening and of the Institut Pasteur in computational biology toward establishing research for next-generation drug discovery tools. It will develop an innovative deep-learning technique utilizing the automated high-throughput screening assay and phenotypic analysis. 

The co-leaders of the PIU-Ai3D, Dr. Spencer SHORTE, CSO of IPK, and Dr. Christophe ZIMMER, Head of the Institut Pasteur Imaging and Modeling Unit part of the UMR CNRS 3691, agreed: “AMR paradigms are of major interest because of the common value to the whole Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN), and we hope the tools developed through this collaboration will eventually benefit the IPIN and the global scientific communities as a resource open to all.” 

More info on the official press release


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