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Renault Korea Motors unveils ‘Value up!’ with R: Xperience

Renault Korea Motors unveils ‘Value up!’ with R: Xperience

One of our valued members, Renault Korea Motors, is set to launch its "Value up!" program as part of the "R: Xperience" integrated customer experience initiative, starting this September. The R: Xperience program is dedicated to elevating customer satisfaction through ongoing improvements in product quality, technology, and customer service. It provides customers with both online and offline opportunities to test drive and experience Renault vehicles.

Under the "Value up" theme, Renault Korea plans to upgrade its mainstream models, such as the XM3 and QM6, to increase productivity and improve price competitiveness for each market segment. For instance, the XM3 coupe-type SUV will receive updates, including an E-TECH design package for the E-TECH Hybrid model, while the 1.6 GTe model will introduce a new INSPIRE trim with additional convenience features. The 2024 XM3 will showcase improved design elements and advanced features like a 360-degree around-view monitor.

The QM6, a core product in the "Value up" program, will undergo significant enhancements in trim levels to provide greater value to consumers. Additionally, a new concept two-seater SUV, QM6 QUEST, will incorporate underfloor storage to maximize space utilization. Furthermore, all Renault models, including XM3, QM6, and SM6, will introduce a high-efficiency filter for ultra-fine particles and LED door spot lamps to illuminate the area under the doors, facilitating nighttime vehicle exits.

The "Value up" program also extends its reach to encompass connectivity, customer service, and digital aspects, including the integration of smartwatches for remote vehicle status monitoring and control. Renault Korea will hold the "Renault City Roadshow" in five cities across the country : Seoul, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ghiheung, and Gimhae sequentially until October 9, where customers can experience these enhanced products and services of the R: Xperience program in person.

"The R: Xperience is a journey we are taking with our customers for Renault Korea to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction," said Renault Korea CEO Stephane Deblaise. “We have unveiled the program with the formation of our new and professional sales and marketing organizations, which can deliver Renault Korea’s unique value at every customer touch point, such as products, connectivity, and services.”



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