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[Robert Walters Korea] Webinar - The Future of Tech: Data Science & Beyond

Robert Walters Korea and IE Business School are hosting a webinar on ‘ The Future of Tech: Data Science & Beyond’ on April 9, 2021.

Professor Christina Stathopoulos will explain the fast-paced and ever-growing world of data science. Over the last decade, we have accumulated unprecedented amounts of data from all corners of the world. By understanding and analyzing this data, we could improve all facets of life, but we need the right professionals to help us do so.

This session will cover an intro to data science as well as connected domains such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will be the opportunity to explore the tech landscape - a strategic view into the biggest players, how they are using data to keep a competitive advantage, and what profiles they need to fill data science roles. The floor will be opened to questions at the end, so come prepared and curious to learn about a topic that is becoming ingrained in both our personal and professional lives.


<Speaker Bio>

Professor Christina Stathopoulos, a US expat living in Madrid, Spain since 2012, is dedicated to the world of data. She is currently a Data Specialist at Google and an Adjunct Professor of Analytics at IE Business School. She holds a Master in Business Analytics and Big Data from IE as well as an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology. Alongside her corporate and academic work, she is very active in the analytics community and participates regularly as an international speaker supporting data analytics, emerging technologies and women in STEM.



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