The MICHELIN Guide Seoul celebrates “The World in Seoul” with a selection of 169 restaurants, including 33 with Stars

The MICHELIN Guide revealed its new selection of restaurants in Seoul for 2022, via a digital event broadcast live to a worldwide community of foodies, on November 25th.

Celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, the MICHELIN Guide Seoul plays an important role in promoting Seoul to local and international gourmets as a gastronomic and must-see destination.

“In the 6th year of the selection for Seoul, and despite Covid-19, we are excited to announce that our selection has been enriched by newly-found restaurants as well as recently promoted restaurants. This year, as usual, inspectors have been concentrating on giving the best choice to our customers” says Gwendal Poullennec, MICHELIN Guide International Director.


Two restaurants promoted to one MICHELIN Star

  • Goryori Ken: Showcases highly seasonal ingredients in creations inspired by the freshness of the produce and his own creative intuition.
  • Soseoul Hannam: Inspired by local culinary traditions but dedicated to expressing the modern-day sensibilities of Seoul cuisine, serves up contemporary Korean food using ingredients that are the most familiar to the local palate.


Five restaurants receive their first MICHELIN Star

  • Hane: Chef Choi Ju-yong’s quest for natural ingredients is well reflected in authentic cuisine full of flavor.
  • Kojacha: From its vintage lighting and furniture from the ’50s and ’60s that creates a singular vibe, to a multi-course meal that alternately features Chinese and Japanese dishes.
  • Yun: The Korean cuisine, an intriguing mixture of the familiar and the bold, with each dish showcasing the inherent flavors of products and reflecting the chef’s firm belief in cooking from scratch using only fresh, raw ingredients.
  • Sushi Sanghyeon: The plain yet never overdone flavor of its fare constitutes this restaurant’s exclusive appeal.
  • Sushi Matsumoto: Rather than chasing after gastronomic trends, this sushiya strives to faithfully reproduce the authentic sushi of mainland Japan amidst the Korean milieu.


One restaurant is promoted from one to two MICHELIN Stars

  • Joo Ok: The restaurant's most prized ingredients consist of some 30 different varieties of fermented condiments and the restaurant's celebrated perilla oil is pressed from perilla seeds harvested from his family farm in Jinju.
  • Gaon and La Yeon keep their Three MICHELIN Stars, while Hwanggeum Kongbat and A Flower Blossom on the Rice retain their MICHELIN Green Stars for their inspiring initiatives for more sustainable gastronomy.


2022 Seoul Michelin Star Revelation

  • 2022 Michelin Young Chef Award: Kim Bo-Mi (Mitou)
  • 2022 Michelin Mentor Chef Award: Jang Myeong-Sik (L’Amitié)


The 2022 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Seoul at a glance:

  • 2 restaurants
  • 7 restaurants (1 promoted)
  • 24 restaurants (5 new, 2 promoted)
  • 61 restaurants (4 new)
  • 2 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants
  • 75 SELECTED BY MICHELIN restaurants (8 new)


First published in 1900, the MICHELIN Guide is an emblematic culinary guide book that started as a review guide of various restaurants and accommodations for motorists, and has earned its reputation as the most privileged guide for restaurants and hotels by industry practicians and readers, all around the world.


Find the full MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 selection on the official MICHELIN Guide website and on the App, available free-of-charge on iOS and Android.


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