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[Webinar] How to adapt your digital strategy to the new normal in Korea

The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a webinar on September 28th with the global digital agency Asiance to discuss new marketing strategies of companies, as consumers' daily lives have been strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting with opening remarks of Cédric LEGRAND, FKCCI managing director, and Olivier MOUROUX, Vice Chairman of FKCCI and Co-founder of Asiance, the webinar was the occasion to hear digital marketing experts Gabi YOON and Yongjoo NAMKOONG.

For Olivier MOUROUX, who stressed out that the pandemic has accelerated digitalization, “Covid-19 has fully changed the way we are experiencing our shopping experience and even our omnichannel experience.” Indeed, new “persona” (clients’ characteristics) emerged from the crisis: “a cross generational new identity, that I like to call Gen Co, which stands for Generation Covid.”

Facing the current situation, customers’ behaviors changed, seeking more online interaction for safety purpose (#untact), shift to consumption towards households (#homconomy) and polarization between extreme savings and excessive spending (#flexzaringobi), as explained by Gabi YOON. As a result, “untouch” and O2O services such as food and household goods delivery, home entertainment (game/internet/TV), and home care are diversifying, and sales of related companies have increased. Similarly, under the #flexzaringobi concept, consumer behaviors have been polarized between daily necessities and the purchase of high-priced goods, which pushed up sales of department stores.

Through case studies of various companies, the digital agency advised that “companies should revise their marketing strategies”, quickly understand these changes, and foster digital innovation, while matching with their brand identity. Diversifying sales channels in an increasingly sophisticated post-Covid supply chain system, creating more engaging content such as gamification of contents and the new live e-commerce services (newly created Naver Shopping Live, Kakao Live Commerce, platforms which have seen their traffic explode since March) are good examples of quick adaptation. Deeper customized experience thanks to more extensive knowledge of clients, is also increasingly expected.

This webinar comes after a series of web conferences launched by FKCCI, to help businesses overcome the key challenges we are facing today. Stay tuned for more content to come and check out our Youtube channel for more contents!

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