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FKCCI Empowered French F&B Brands with Major French Pavilion at Seoul Food & Hotel 2024

Seoul Food & Hotel 2024 French Pavilion FKCCI

FKCCI supported French F&B companies, providing them with a platform to showcase their products and French excellence in Korea and around the world!

From June 11th to 14th, FKCCI facilitated the development of French F&B brands in South Korea through its renowned FKCCI French Pavilion at Seoul Food & Hotel 2024. With participation from over 1,600 food companies representing 52 countries and attracting 42,000 visitors this year, Seoul Food & Hotel stands as Korea's largest international exhibition for F&B and hospitality. It serves as a crucial nexus for Korean buyers and industry experts seeking premium goods and insights into global industry trends across diverse sectors. 

With its 90 m² and prime location, the French pavilion stood out as one of the largest and most strategically positioned booths at the fair, providing unparalleled visibility for the companies it hosted. Over three days, the selected French companies seized the opportunity to showcase their products to potential Korean partners and consumers, connect and exchange experiences with industry peers, and explore the nuances of the Korean market. 

FKCCI supported the brands comprehensively throughout their journey to participate in the fair—from space reservation and product importation to booth installation and translation services as needed. 

Sponsored by Lina's Korea, the Pavilion showcased leading French companies, artisans, and culinary experts, offering a curated selection of premium products that embody France’s rich gastronomic heritage and cutting-edge food technologies. This year, FKCCI and its F&B Committee welcomed eight French companies to its iconic French Pavilion:

  • France Gourmet, renowned for its high-quality gourmet food products 

  • Taffin, a leader in fine French delicacies 

  • Cafés Richard, famous for its exceptional coffee blends 

  • Agro'novae, innovators in agricultural products and solutions 

  • Nutrisens, specializing in nutrition and dietary products 

  • Le Bulotier, experts in seafood delicacies 

  • Nutriearth, providers of sustainable food solutions 

  • Lactalis, a global leader in dairy products 

The fair served as the centerpiece of a broader agenda filled with significant opportunities. Over nearly a week, the delegation also had the chance to explore Seoul's newest department store, Hyundai Mall in Yeouido, engage with FKCCI board members and industry leaders during the French F&B night, and benefit from strategic guidance provided directly by the FKCCI team. 

Korea's appetite for French F&B products has surged, evidenced by a remarkable 61.8% export growth from 2017 to 2022, cementing its status as a pivotal market for French agri-food exports. France maintains its dominance in several key categories, notably as the leading wine exporter with €193.5 million in exports. In spirits, France ranks fourth with €15.5 million, benefiting from increasing demand shaped by evolving tastes and Western influence in mixology. Additionally, France holds strong as the third-largest dairy supplier, contributing €114.5 million, buoyed by shifting consumer lifestyles and a robust demand for specialty cheeses. Despite ranking 12th in meat exports to Korea, opportunities abound in lean meats, small portions, and meat-based snacks. Regulatory advancements in Korea have further bolstered market access for French products, such as the lifting of the ban on French beef imports and amendments to allow the sale of subdivided cheeses, aligning with consumer preferences for diverse culinary experiences.


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