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FKCCI holds its first event in the metaverse

FKCCI holds its first event in the metaverse

As we are witnessing an acceleration of digitalization, in particular through innovations resulting from the blockchain, metaverse and NFTs technologies, the FKCCI has embraced these trends through the organization of its very first event in the metaverse!

In partnership with KGCCI, we held on May 15th an interactive web conference gathering more than 30 members of the foreign business community in Korea on the platform Spatial.Io with digital specialist and member VSLB!

On the theme “From Metaverse to Immersive Commerce”, Sarah Schmidt, a seasoned Creative 3D Consultant, and Co- Founder & CEO at VSLB presented the current state of the metaverse landscape, shared success stories, examined the industry's challenges, and explored the potential for e-commerce to expand beyond traditional 2D websites and into immersive and interactive 3D virtual commerce experiences. As this new cyber-paradigm adds a new layer of complexity into the multichannel experience, this was the perfect opportunity for our company members to get a key understanding on how to navigate this digital landscape.

The event platform offered participants possibilities to get immersed into a beautiful imaginary venue and interact with each other through a customized avatar, in ways that traditional web event platforms such as Zoom cannot offer.

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