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FKCCI’s F&B Committee gathers to discuss current trends and 2023 projects between France and Korea

FKCCI’s F&B Committee gathers to discuss current trends and 2023 projects between France and Korea

On March 23rd, members of FKCCI’s F&B Committee gathered for the first time in 2023 for an evening of enlightening discussions.

A complex global context, new regulations and certifications… As 2023 is now well underway, French and Korean companies of the agri-food industry keep being faced with new challenges and opportunities. To discuss and shed light on these new parameters, the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized its Food & Beverage Committee’s very first meeting of 2023 on March 23rd, under the leadership of Mr. Romuald Pieters, President of the Committee and CEO of France Gourmet

Launched in 2018, FKCCI’s F&B Committee gathers key players of the food sector every few months to share news and expertise, and to organize joint initiatives designed to gain greater visibility on the Korean market. For this new edition, 21 leaders of the field met at FKCCI’s headquarters for an evening of insights. 

After welcoming speeches from Mr. Pieters and FKCCI CEO Mr. Henri Bacquet, Technical Director & Public Affairs Manager Mr. Julien Vialar detailed the procedure leading to the obtention of the 'Origine France Garantie' universal certification. His presentation was followed by no less illuminating insights from Ms. Wanju Kim of the Korea Wines and Spirits Importers Association. In her speech focused on the current trends and regulations in the wine sector, she emphasized the growth and potential of the Korean market for French wines. 

“In the last 10 years, the Korean wine market showed great development, recording increases of 300% and 150% in value and volume. Consumers’ drinking habits evolved as well: they now drink at home and choose wines of better quality and various tastes”, she explained. 

During the roundtable that ensued, participants could further discuss and broaden the topic based on their own experiences. Companies’ recent supply chains-related difficulties in the light of tricky geopolitical and economic backdrops were evoked among other subjects, leading to participants sharing strategies and solutions. 

The session concluded with an overview of the F&B Committee’s projects for 2023, and a moment of exchange and networking at a nearby barbecue restaurant – the perfect end to a rich and constructive get-together! 



About the F&B Committee  


FKCCI’s F&B Committee is led by Mr. Romuald Pieters, CEO of France Gourmet, and coordinated by Ms. Sonia Chaïeb, General Secretary of the Committee and Manager of the Business Development Department at FKCCI.  

For any inquiry on the work of the committee, please contact s.chaieb(@)  

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