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French Business Awards 2023 - Winners Announcement

Discover the six companies that won a French Business Award in 2023 for their outstanding performances !

Every year the FKCCI is organizing the French Business Awards to reward six companies from the French-Korean community for their accomplishments. The winners will also be able to compete in the international competition of “CCI France International Business Awards” gathering 30 French CCIs abroad and 150 candidate companies, under the high patronage of French President Emmanuel Macron and sponsored by various organizations and media.

After careful evaluation by our esteemed jury, the following companies have been recognized for their first-class achievements :

Best French Entrepreneur in Korea: Abys Intelligence


ABYS Intelligence was honored with the Best French Entrepreneur in Korea award.

ABYS is a company founded in 2020 by French and Korean professionals, offering innovative linguistic services and unique expertise.  Renowned for its strong work ethic among both clients and employees, ABYS provides genuine added value and quality assurance in its translation works. The company's exclusive focus on Korean-French languages ensures high-standard translations for its clients. In only a year, the company has increased its turnover by six and duplicated by four its number of employees, from 3 full-time employees and 6 freelancers in 2021 to 6 full-time employees and 30 freelancers in 2022.

"It is a great honor, for me and my colleagues, to see our commitments to ethics and innovation recognized by the award we are receiving today. We hope to express our gratitude soon to all those who have helped make this possible, and continue for a long time to use our expertise in linguistic services to serve the Franco-Korean business community."_ Aurélien Laroulandie, CEO and founder of ABYS Intelligence.


Best Start-up: Aptero

Aptero won the Best Startup Award for its unique and accessible metaverse technology.

Aptero is a French SaaS Metaverse startup founded with the aim of enhancing digital collaboration and addressing low webinar attendance. The company offers an integrated metaverse within teamwork platforms like Microsoft Teams, providing engaging 3D immersive experiences. Aptero has developed a unique and accessible metaverse solution that enables users to engage in immersive, interactive 3D experiences for webinars, training, and onboarding. Since opening an office in South Korea in 2022, the company has experienced rapid growth in the Korean market, signing contracts with universities and establishing a partnership with the Open Cyber University of Korea.

“We are honored by this recognition from the Chamber of Commerce, which acknowledges our expertise in the metaverse, a field of excellence in Korea! Our vision is to become the standard in digital training and events by integrating our solution into various team collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams.”, commented Cédric Chane, CEO of Aptero. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Bluebell

Bluebell got rewarded with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award.

Bluebell Korea has been introducing luxury, premium, and lifestyle brands to the Korean market since 1960. With its special expertise in customized solutions for brand partners, based on solid networks with local contacts, Bluebell Korea operates more than 300 stores within the duty-free and domestic markets.

In 2018, the company signed a business agreement with the Han River Business Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Green Trust to build an area of 5000m2 of forest near Ichon Hangang Park. This Care Green project, was conceived to create a greener environment for Seoul citizens with the active contribution of Bluebell Korea’s employees and their families through various activities, including tree planting and forest maintenance. The project was internally extended to include other activities aimed at raising awareness about sustainability. These activities included promoting best practices for reducing plastic waste, and organizing a flea market to raise funds for additional purchase of trees.

"I’m really honored and pleased to be recognized for our initiative, made with our employees and their families. Just like the name of this project, Care Green, we genuinely care about our future generations and strive for a better environment for our local community. Keeping this spirit in mind, Bluebell Korea continues to make its best efforts to care for the lives of our neighbors and future generations. "_ Daniel Mayran, Chairman of Bluebell Korea


Best Export Performance: Renault Korea Motors

Renault Korea Motors was honored with the Best Export Performance award.

Renault Korea Motors was established in September 2000 as a completed car company with a production base in Busan, Korea. The company has a diverse product lineup and had established a solid car brand through close cooperation based on Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. It plans to strengthen its lineup focusing on eco-friendly cars in the domestic market and keep contributing to the Korean automobile industry and economy based on the quality first principle that puts customer satisfaction as its top priority and a win-win strategy with partners.

Renault Korea Motors has achieved the highest export performance to Europe since its foundation. Actively responding to overseas market demand, the company fulfilled the highest performance demand, selling 117,000 units in 2022, an increase of 63.3% compared to the previous year. Its XM3 (ARKANA) hybrid model has been elected Best Hybrid vehicle in Europe, boosting its sales in this area as well as 54 other countries in the world. 

Stephane Deblaise, CEO of Renault Korea Motors said "It is an honor and pleasure to win the Best Export Performance Award. And I am proud that Renault Korea Motors had achieved record-breaking export performance to Europe, actively responding to the market demand against challenges in global export logistics."  CEO Deblaise stressed " The award-winning Renault ARKANA(XM3) has led the significant increase in our export turnover, which has contributed not only to our business turnaround but also to the automotive industry and national economy."

Best Korean Establishment in France: SK geo centric

SK geo centric won the Best Korean Establishment in France Award.

SK geo centric has been taking the lead in developing Korea's petrochemical industry through continuous innovation and top-notch technology. It is now striving to become the world’s largest urban oil field company that will lead the plastic recycling market by becoming Global No.1 Recycle Material Company. To achieve this goal, SK geo centric plans to establish a circular economy for plastic by securing next-generation recycling technology, building the world largest advanced recycling cluster in Ulsan, developing 3R eco-friend solutions, and expanding eco-friendly and raw materials.

To achieve its goals, SK geo centric acquired a highly functional polymer business of French global chemical company, Arkema, in 2020. Thanks to this acquisition, the company has secured competitiveness to strengthen material technology and expand the packaging industry in the future by having all business assets such as three production facilities and four products in France.


We extend our congratulations to the winners for their formidable achievements and valuable contributions to the business community.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the French Business Awards 2023.



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