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French Cosmetic Companies met with Leaders in K-Beauty Industry through the FKCCI at Osong Beauty Expo 2023

French Cosmetic Companies met with Leaders in K-Beauty Industry through the FKCCI at Osong Beauty Expo

In the recent years, France has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the popularity of K-culture, with K-beauty at the forefront of this cultural wave. The allure of Korean beauty products has led to a significant boom in demand and interest, not only within France but also resonating across Europe. To meet the growing enthusiasm for K-beauty, a delegation from 4 French companies – Dalious, K-youty, My Lovely K Beauty, and Necodis – sought the services of the FKCCI to embark on a journey to South Korea. 

During their mission, they attended the Osong Cosmetics & Beauty Expo 2023 on October 10th, a platform that unites domestic cosmetics companies, including raw material suppliers, finished product manufacturers, and packaging specialists. Designed to facilitate connections between international buyers and domestic cosmetic companies, the expo offered the French buyers a unique opportunity to test innovative beauty products and stay updated on the ever-evolving trends in the global beauty industry.

Actively exploring partnership opportunities through booth exhibitions and 1:1 B2B matchmaking sessions, they sought to establish lasting collaborations and broaden the reach of innovative K-beauty products in France. 

Behind this successful endeavor stood the FKCCI team, who ensured seamless communication and provided unwavering support for the French buyers. The team orchestrated every detail, from initial buyer contacts to on-site assistance during the beauty expo and the coordination of meetings. Collectively, they worked relentlessly toward their shared objective of introducing innovative K-beauty technology and products to the French market. 

The participants themselves expressed their satisfaction with the experience: 

"It was truly a pleasure working with a very professional and friendly team. I am incredibly satisfied with the exceptional work of my interpreter and would like to extend my gratitude to Ms. Sunju Moon, the business project manager at FKCCI, who demonstrated remarkable efficiency in her role. I appreciate her for all the hard work she provided. The entire experience was highly positive, and I want to express my thanks to all involved”. - Lioubov Kortchinskaia from My Lovely K Beauty 



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