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Gift the Taste of France with FKCCI's Exclusive French Restaurant Guide in Korea!

French restaurant guide in korea 2024

Pre-order now the New 2024 French Restaurant Guide in Korea to surprise your employees for Chuseok!

Looking for the perfect gift to surprise your employee's this Chuseok or to introduce them to exquisite French cuisine without leaving the country? The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) proudly presents the <Guide to French Restaurants in Korea>. This meticulously curated guide showcases the finest French dining experiences across Seoul and other regions, making it the ideal corporate present! 



Embark on a Culinary Adventure 

This guide provides detailed information on over 50 French restaurants, from traditional bistros to contemporary eateries, guaranteeing a dining experience tailored to everyone's tastes. It is an invitation to embark on a journey through the best of French cuisine in Korea. It includes a variety of venues, from renowned establishments to newly opened hotspots. Each restaurant listing provides essential details such as addresses, price ranges, parking availability, phone numbers, and business hours, complemented by stunning photographs that bring each dining experience to life. QR codes linking to each restaurant's Naver Map address are also included, allowing readers to navigate to the locations easily.

Recognizing that a complete French culinary experience extends beyond restaurants, our guide also highlights exceptional French bakeries and wine bars. Additionally, for those interested in exploring local flavors, our guide includes a dedicated section recommending a selection of Korean restaurants. This ensures readers can savor French culinary excellence while also discovering or introducing the delights of Korean cuisine to new comers or foreign business partners.


A Perfect, Thoughtful Gift for Chuseok 

This Chuseok, surprise your employees with a gift that pleases their culinary passions and enriches their cultural experiences. Available in French, Korean, and English, this elegantly crafted guide is an affordable yet luxurious gift. Whether you are a French company in Korea, an international or a Korean firm, offer your employees the perfect corporate gift for Chuseok. Pre-orders are now open, enabling you to secure packages of 20, 50, 100, or more guides for Chuseok. These guides also make an ideal gift for foreign business partners visiting Korea.




Prime Advertising Opportunities 

Are you a business looking to connect with a sophisticated, food-loving audience? The <Guide to French Restaurants in Korea> offers exceptional advertising opportunities. By featuring your brand in this widely appealing guide, you can enhance your reach and visibility among discerning readers who appreciate fine dining and quality products. This is an unparalleled opportunity to associate your brand with the elegance and prestige of France in Korea. More than 3,000 copies will be widely distributed to a French-Korean business audience in Korea and shared with business partners traveling in Korea for work. 


Discover the advertising opportunities 


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