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N15Partners and Thales Korea Collaborate to Boost the Korean Startup Ecosystem

N15Partners and Thales Korea Collaborate to Boost the Korean Startup Ecosystem

N15Partners announced that it has signed an MOU with Thales Korea to collaborate with the Korean startup ecosystem in digital technologies covering a range of topics from cybersecurity, AI, Big Data, New Space, defense, aviation and telecommunications. The MoU was signed on 12th July 2023 at the Thales Korea office in Hannam-dong between Jea Huh, CEO of N15Partners and Sandy Gillio, Country Director for Thales in Korea.

Through this MoU, Thales Korea will participate as a mentor in various startup programs run by N15 Partners to support the growth of Korean startups, as well as working with N15Partners to identify outstanding Korean startups and support their international expansion.

In an initial step, Thales Korea helped evaluate the ‘Global PoC Realization' program organized by N15Partners as a member of the evaluation committee assessing the identified startups. The evaluation would connect the most promising startups to the Thales cybersecurity acceleration program Cyber@Station-F in Paris, France, and its AI acceleration program, AI@Centech, in Montreal, Canada. Startups can benefit from Thales’ technological platforms to help develop the world’s future cutting-edge solutions.

N15Partners has accumulated more than 100 PoC connections through its open innovation programs with large domestic and foreign companies, and this year, it is operating startup discovery, investment, and PoC connection programs for collaboration with leading domestic companies and institutions such as Mercedes-Benz Korea, Hanwha Systems, LG Electronics, KB Card, and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

“We are delighted to collaborate with N15Partners and to lend our expertise in building the next-generation of Korean start-ups. As a leading technology company heavily involved in new emerging technologies including AI and Quantum, we are proud to support home-grown Korean companies in developing their proprietary technologies that can drive greater innovation as Korea develops its digital ambitions.”, said Sandy Gillio, Country Director, Thales Korea.


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