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[Bastille Day 2021] Discover the France Korea Next Generation!

The French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) launches the video series "France Korea Next Generation"!

Young French people living in Korea are in the spotlight. The French MZ generations - “millennials” from 1984 to 1996 and “Z” from 1995 to 2010 - show a growing interest in Korea and more and more of them are choosing this country to carry out their projects and fulfill their expectations. The ”International Internship in a Company” program (in French “Volontariat International en Entreprise” or V.I.E), an alternative to expatriation and local recruitment, is one of the opportunities offered by France. It allows a young person aged 18 to 28 to have professional experience lasting 6 to 24 months in a French company or institution based in Korea. End-of-study internships, working holiday visas and entrepreneurship are also part of the professional projects of young French people in Korea.

That is why, at the occasion of the French National Day, Bastille Day 2021, we have decided at the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), in partnership with the French Embassy in Korea, to give them the floor throughout this summer so that they can testify about their journey and give us a new perspective on Korea!

Throughout the summer 2021, stay tuned each week for a filmed interview of three young French people who have chosen Korea as an important stage in their professional and personal journey. These exchanges will be a unique opportunity to underline the attractiveness of Korea from the French point of view and the strength of the relationship between the two countries These testimonies could be a source of inspiration for French people who wish to carry out their project in Korea!

“Who better than this new generation of French people choosing Korea as an important stage in their professional and personal life, does reflect the dynamism and the future of our bilateral relations? This is the reason why we have decided to give them the floor throughout this summer so that they can testify about their journey and give us a new perspective on Korea.”, David-Pierre Jalicon, FKCCI Chairman

“These young people are the image of this long-term France, ambitious and enterprising, generous, energetic and curious, which since the 19th century has bet on political, intellectual, economic and industrial partnership with Korea. They also are at the image of the growing number of young Koreans who go to France to live, study and work. ", H.E. Philippe Lefort, French Ambassador to Korea

Meet us from July 14th on  YouTube.com/TheFKCCI with speeches by Philippe Lefort, Ambassador of France to Korea, and David-Pierre Jalicon, FKCCI Chairman, and the first interviews of the series "France-Korea next generation"!


Today, meet with Aurore, Damien and Romain, who share about their journey and passions in Seoul.

Damien Cauvemberg Bouges

Damien, 29, is a system engineer at Valeo in Korea, a leading automotive supplier. He has lived in Korea for 4 years. First arrived as part of the French International Internship Program (V.I.E.), he develops assisted driving and autonomous driving systems, in particular by contributing to the “Tangun” low-cost autonomous vehicle R&D project in partnership with Hanyang University. Korea also entails e-sport ... So Damien has participated for several years in high-level racing simulation e-sport competitions (Grand Tourismo in particular).



21-year-old Korean-speaking Aurore COUQUE-CASTELNOVO comes from a bicultural background of a French father and a Korean mother. As a sophomore at Vatel NANTES Hotel School, she decided to come to Korea to continue her internship at the Fairmont Ambassador Hotel, which recently opened in Yeouido. For her, Korea opens up new horizons and offers many opportunities and career prospects because it is a fast-changing country, both economically and socially.



Romain, 33 years old, has known Korea since 2006, when his parents moved there as expatriates. While studying in a design school in Sèvres, he discovered the country and fell in love with its rich culture and infinite capacity to renew and develop itself. He did his end-of-studies internship in 2010 in a Korean design agency. In 2014, he joined the Vehicle Solutions design department of LG Electronics in Yangjae where he is still immersed in working with the locals. The tenacity and diligence of Koreans at work are a great motivation for him, as well as the promising future of the electric and autonomous car market where Koreans are prominent players. This has also enabled him to work in partnership with the largest world manufacturers (Audi, Renault, Porsche, etc.)


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