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FKCCI builds bridges between the French and Korean wine markets

FKCCI builds bridges between the French and Korea wine markets

The Chamber welcomed a French wine export manager looking to present French products to Korean wine market's key players.

Symbols of excellence and luxury, French products meet a growing popularity on the South Korean market. French wines are no exception: in October 2021, their consumption in the Peninsula had generated an all-time high of $145 M (+102% YoY), making France the country's first exporter.

From May 9th to 11th and following the lifting of sanitary rules and trade recovery in Korea, FKCCI welcomed in its HQ a French wine export manager, Ysabelle, eager to benefit from the local market's extraordinary vitality and potential. Sent on behalf of ten wineries, Ysabelle contacted the Chamber to get some support in introducing 30 references to Korean importers and key players.

Drawing from its extensive experience in prospection and the wine market, FKCCI organized 20 meetings with 20 different counterparts over the three days of the mission. These B2B sessions were very effective in discussing potential future synergies between stakeholders, and building bridges between the French and Korean wine markets.



To know more about FKCCI's prospecting missions, contact our Sales Representative, Sonia Chaïeb!



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