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France Korea Next Generation #2 Sandra, Younes & Marguerite | Glance into French journeys in Korea

Here is the episode 2 of our series “France Korea Next Generation” !

Here is the episode 2 of our series “France Korea Next Generation” by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) in partnership with the French Embassy in Korea! Today, meet with Sandra, Younes and Marguerite, who share about their journey and passions in Seoul.


Sandra, 35 years old, has been living in Korea since 2010 and founded her ready-to-wear brand in 2012 called SMK. After a total questioning of her lifestyle and consumption patterns during the summer of 2014, her brand has evolved towards ethics, eco-responsibility and circularity. Since 2017, with all these values, she has specialized in dancewear, a very competitive niche market in Korea. For her, Korea is a fascinating country in terms of means of production, logistics and raw materials. The way to develop a fashion brand is completely different from what can be done in France. Korean customers are also very demanding about the products they buy and the service they receive.


Younes, 27 years old, has spent more than 5 years in Korea and is currently Commercial Director at the Luxury Business Institute (LBI) in Seoul. He is helping prestigious brands and customers (in luxury, hotel, automobile, technology sectors) in Korea's to develop their HR development strategy. His academic and professional experience in Korea gave him access to other methods of solving problems and practical communication, such as playing golf together to make a deal. According to him, with cities, neighbourhoods, and trends changing at a rapid pace, South Korea will remain a great country creating tremendous opportunities and attracting talented people and investment.

Marguerite PESKINE

Marguerite, 21 years old, is currently doing a professional gap year between her two years of Master in Management at HEC Paris. After doing her student exchange program at Seoul National University in 2019, she had the opportunity to come back through an internship at Asiance, a digital transformation expert for global brands in Korea. She first became interested in Korea through culture and cinema, but she finds Korea especially attractive as young professional because of its dynamism, resilience and drive towards innovation. Furthermore, she thinks working in Korea is a great experience to begin a marketing career as the Korean market is often one-step ahead when it comes to consumer trends.


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