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France Korea Next Generation #4 Henri, Anna & Pape | Glance into French journeys in Korea

Here is the fourth episode of our series “France Korea Next Generation”!

Here is the fourth episode of our series “France Korea Next Generation” by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) in partnership with the French Embassy in Korea! Today, meet with Henri, Anna and Pape, who share about their journey and passions in South Korea. Subtitles are available in English and in Korean!


Henri BOQUIEN, 29 years old, came for the first time in Korea in 2014 as an exchange student. After completing his master’s degrees in France and in the Netherlands, he came back to Korea to work for Saint-Gobain Sekurit as a project manager. He is now communication project manager at the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For him, being at the heart of the business relations between Korea and France is what motivates him in his work. He also shares his passion for South Korea on Instagram through photos of his life in the country. What makes Korea so fascinating to him is its rich history and the mix between modernity and tradition that one can find in the country itself but also in the society.


Anna has lived in Korea for six and a half years and she is fluent in five languages, including Korean. She made her choice to finally settle in Korea and stayed overall 10 years in several Asian countries (Japan, Taiwan, Korea). All these countries were to her more welcoming lands than what she had experienced in France. She is currently working for Hyundai GBFMS, a Korean leader in integrated facility management, and in less than two years she was promoted to EVP (Executive Director). She says that Korea is a dynamic country that encourages innovation, which has allowed her to develop and carve out an untypical professional path.

Pape SY

Pape, 25 years old, is a data engineer and content creator in Seoul. He is especially known as a videographer, photographer and streamer, and since 2017 he has developed a popular channel on YouTube under the stage name Pape San (246,000 YouTube followers). He lived for two years in Korea which he found through academic exchanges at Daegu and Hanyang University. For him, Korea is a country with great potential for entrepreneurs due to its dynamism and soft power, and offers many professional opportunities in both engineering and content creation.

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