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France Korea Next Generation #6 Barthélémy, Soukaïna & Jake | Glance into French journeys in Korea

Here is the sixth episode of our series “France Korea Next Generation” by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry !

Here is the sixth episode of our series “France Korea Next Generation” by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) in partnership with the French Embassy in Korea! Today, meet with Barthélémy, Soukaïna and Jake, who share about their journey and passions in South Korea. Subtitles are available in English and in Korean!

Barthélémy GROS

Barthélémy, 29, has lived in South Korea for more than 7 years. His experience of the Korean business etiquette and his knowledge of the Korean language allowed him to obtain a V.I.E for the group ECM. ECM is a French manufacturer of industrial vacuum furnaces for heat treatment applications in several industries (automotive, aviation, semiconductor, nuclear…). Barthélémy is working as Korea sales manager for ECM group since 2019. His rapid adaptation and his good understanding of the codes in force in the Korean industry allowed ECM to obtain its second major contract for HYUNDAI. The interest of Korean companies in high value-added technological products offers many opportunities for young French-speaking professionals looking for new challenges.

Soukaïna MEZIDI

Soukaïna MEZIDI, 28 years old, has lived in Korea for nearly five years. Discovering Korea during a gap year, she moved to Korea after graduating as an engineer, where she held several positions in the technology field. She currently works as an IT project manager at Sephora. From an early age, she developed her interest in Asia, its history and culture, and it was expanded to her skills and science. She says that Korea is not only one of the best countries to challenge and get out of one's comfort zone, but also that Koreans are resilient and accustomed to adapting to an ever-changing world. 4:17


Jake, 35 years old, came in Korea on October 2015 to live his dream because he loved Korean culture. When he arrived in Seoul, he found a job in a Korean tech startup as a strategy and business development director. After few years of loyal service, he needed something more challenging and decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own company around content creation and education material for French people who are also passionate about Korea. He is the author of the blog and the YouTube channel The Korean Dream (115k followers) where he shares his experience and gives advice to people with the same “Korean Dream”. In the future, he hopes he can also help Korean people who are passionate about France and its language as well and build a bridge between France and Korea in both ways.

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