France Korea Next Generation #8 Maxime, Houssaye & Alexandre | Glance into French journeys in Korea

Here is the eight episode of our series “France Korea Next Generation” by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) in partnership with the French Embassy in Korea! Today, meet with Maxime, Houssaye and Alexandre, who share about their journey and passions in South Korea. Subtitles are available in English and in Korean!


Maxime, 29, has been living in Seoul for almost 4 years now and soon to be 16 years in the bakery industry. Arrived in Seoul from Shanghai for an opportunity at the Signiel Hotel in the Lotte Tower, he currently holds the position of executive baker and pastry chef with a team of more than 20 Korean people. South Korea allowed him to surpass himself, to constantly create and to question himself every day in order to evolve. The market is growing very quickly and the level is rising at high speed, the restaurant has more and more competition which allows it to always be in a permanent challenge. The clientele is also very fond of French breads and desserts, a good opportunity for him to share his know-how and his culture to best share it in South Korea.

Houssaye JAU

Houssaye, 26 years old, lived in Korea for 3 years. Her adventure started in 2016 as an exchange student in Ewha Womens University. In 2018, she obtained her master’s degree in finance in France and decided to start her international career as a VIE in South Korea as an Internal controller at Sanofi. Proving her adaptability, she ventured in her new role as Financial planning analyst. She enjoys the challenge and responsibilities that are given to her on a country and region level. She is mesmerized by South Korea’s culture and rich atmosphere. She also thinks that any person interested in the country and motivated could have a wonderful path in South Korea.

Alexandre CAPITINI

Alexandre CAPITINI, 22 years old, is in the gap year between his first and second master's degrees in public policy in Sciences Po. He came to Korea in June 2021 for an internship as a diplomat at the French Embassy in Korea. He says that Korea is a modern, developed and dynamic country enriched with opportunities. He explains that Korea has the advantage of being located in the heart of Northeast Asia, making it a major economic exchange area where various cultural influences are exchanged.

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