French delicatessen specialist France Gourmet opens its new website

France Gourmet, an Entrepreneur member of the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, opened a new website in July. France Gourmet is the first company in Korea to offer locally French delicacies such as “jambon”, “saucisson”, “pâté”, and “rillettes”. ‘Charcuterie’ refers to the French meat preparations such as sausages, cooked ham, and dry-cured meat. While sticking to the traditional French cuisine, France Gourmet uses fresh domestic raw materials to create low-salt products that suit the taste of Koreans, which is the only changes that have been made to authentic recipes of the French traditional charcuterie. 


Romuald Pieters, CEO of France Gourmet, said that his goal is to increase purchases made by Korean consumers through new website. He added it is essential to modernize website platform systems in order to differentiate themselves in this competitive and fast-changing Korean market. At the beginning of its business adventure, France Gourmet’s customers were mainly foreigners, including French, but there has been a significant change in their main customer since nowadays Korean customers account for 80% of their total sales. With their new website, customers now have easy access to France Gourmet products at home, just like in renowned restaurants, hotels, and wine bars. 


According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, Korean processed meat market is experiencing a sharp increase in demand due to the diversification of HMR(Home Meal Replacement) products, the growth in number of single-person households and the 'stay-at-home' trend due to COVID-19. It has surged at an average annual rate of 8.9% from 4.3 trillion won in 2015, reaching 5.6 trillion won in 2018. The purchase rate of sausages and hams stepped up by 32.4% and 30% respectively, on year. 


France Gourmet, the winner of the "Best Entrepreneur Company of 2019" Award by the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that they would continue to contribute promoting French cuisine and culture in Korea and seek for strategies that allow more Koreans to find French Gourmet products. 


Check out their new website here:


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