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FKCCI’s Outstanding Performances Have Propelled it to Become the 6th Highest-Ranking International Chamber of Commerce

FKCCI 6th highest ranking FKCCI 2023 - AG CCIFI

On June 26th and 27th, our CCI network organized the trophies CCI France International, as well as its annual General Assembly in Paris. It was the occasion for the international and national CCI's representatives to exchange and take stock of the past year. The French Korean Chamber of Commerce has been delighted to learn that its hard work propelled it to become the 6th highest-ranking international chamber of commerce in terms of turnover worldwide, and the 5th highest-ranking in terms of business activity turnover for 2022 among 119 Chambers! 

Last year, the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry made significant strides, that have enabled the Chamber to increase its worldwide ranking. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to multiple factors, including the market’s recovery following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which allowed French companies to regain presence in the Korean market and exceed the performance level of 2019. Additionally, the increased frequency of diplomatic meetings between France and the Korean peninsula is a good indicator of the mutual interest that nurtures strong diplomatic and economic international relations between our two nations.  

The FKCCI team’s hard work and landmark events organized last year have also enabled the Chamber to surpass its 2021 performance level. To support various clients in their discovery of the Korean market, the Chamber has organized several learning expeditions, including the visit of GCC.EU European cosmetic cluster headed by our partner Cosmetic Valley, and prospecting missions in diverse industries such as green tech, health tech, cosmetics, and consumer goods. Among the 2022 highlights, Tech4Good, our flagship mission with French Tech, enabled 40 French companies to discover the Korean startup ecosystem, which count the impressive number of 30,000 startups among which 22 unicorns, and facilitate innovation exchanges between France and Korea.  And the momentum is still going on: in February 2023, the FKCCI co-organized ICC Immersion, a one-week learning expedition aimed at discovering the Peninsula’s cultural sector and connecting with local key players to a delegation of fifteen French companies specialized in music, webtoon, and metaverse, among others. 

These examples show that the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not only a network of 450 members, but a growth catalyst for companies looking for a one-step solution to expand business on the Korean market. Thanks to its long-established network, among which companies in diverse industries, its localized expertise and its institutional French, Korean and international partners, the FKCCI offers a unique win-win service, recognized, and appreciated as such by its customers, that has enabled the Chamber to thrive and rank 6th best CCI abroad in terms of turnover in 2022. 

This ranking echoes to numerous Chamber’s metrics indicators that have increased during that year. FKCCI’s membership incrased by 5%, reaching the impressive number of 450 members in 2022. Its online community also surged in 2022 gathering 37,000 followers, all social networks and websites combined, an increase of 6% year-on-year. In total, more than 60 events are organized every year, including business meetings, sectoral committees, major annual events, networking events and training and seminars. The Chamber has also dispensed numerous consulting services, that have nurtured new business opportunities for many French companies in Korea. 

FKCCI thanks its partners and trustworthy members for participating in the Chamber rank’s increase and is committed to keep developing its network and services in the future! The second semester of 2023 seems promising with exciting upcoming events such as the celebration of the Bastille Day 2023, its Golf Tournament in October as well as the 2023’s edition of the Tech4Good Summit, and of course its Year-end Gala coming on December 15th!  


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